PHOTOGRAPHY: It's Macro Time!

I love how photography helps me to relax from a very stressful day at work. Here are my random shots from past few weeks.

FASHION: Week-ender Style

I was browsing on some of my favorite fashion blogger sites and I was wondering how they do it? I wish someday I'll have guts to be a fashion blogger too. I need to learn how to pose and how to be fierce like them. But, I think it'll take a lot of time and courage for me to do that. So I've decided to share with you my favorite looks for this week.
First of course one of my favorite Manila base fashion blogger Ms. Camille Co. I love her because she's always elegant and sophisticated. I wish I'll win to NYFW with her. Click the link and love her!

Bb. Mariposa 2012

Went to watch Bb. Mariposa last night with my best friend Redj. It was fun and at the same time I was very insecure because of the gorgeous candidates and the host's voice was jaw dropping!

The Unfinished Business: Project 366

I went through my files and I saw my Project 366 folder. It made me sad a bit because I wasn't able to finish it. I became very busy at work and I miss photography so much especially that I am stressed and depressed right now because of all the pressures at work. I just thank God I still have time to blog. Atleast I still can release my emotions here. And hopefully soon I will have time to take pictures again. Here are some of my favorite shots:

 This is my day 1. I woke up from new year's eve celebration and I still don't have photo for my project 366 until I start taking pictures outside at first I was taking pictures of the leftovers of the fire crackers when I spotted these two white butterflies and then I tried chasing them and viola! I got this photo.

RECIPE: Pinoy Spaghetti

Mostly spaghetti should be a little bit sour because of the tomato sauce. But, I grew up eating a spaghetti with a sweet taste.  And it is actually a Filipino style spaghetti. I believe Filipinos has a sweet tooth because most of the Filipino dishes has a touch of sweetness.

TRAVEL: Discover Villa Cleofas

When it is raining, I misses Summer. I remembered my first Summer trip to Cagbalete, Quezon. We went to Villa Cleofas, a 1,640.4874-hectare property located east of Quezon Province (in Luzon, north of the Philippines). It is a private island owned by my sister's boss family. They opened the place to the public but, they only allow limited number of guest so that it wont be crowded and to preserve the virgin island.

TRAVEL: Zipline in Tagaytay, Philippines

This was my first zipline adventure. It was in Tagaytay, Philippines. I never thought that I will have a courage to try this extreme outdoor adventure.

Travel: Tree Top Adventure at Subic, Philippines

After our Star City Adventure, on November me and colleagues plans to go to Subic to experience the "TREE TOP ADVENTURE"! There are different kinds of extreme outdoor activities with a reasonable price. We plan to get the package H which cost 1,120 pesos only you can experience all of the activities offered. We were very excited to try all of the activities I am sure it'll be another amazing experience! Watch out for my amazing story about Tree Top Adventure SOON!

The Filipino Spirit

Disasters bring out the best in us Filipinos. We toss our differences aside and help others. Even celebrities like @DivinemLee, @officialTIMYAP and etc... were helping the flood victims for almost 24hrs. I thank God that there are kind people like them. I salute you guys! And I salute all the volunteers and the rescue team for putting your life in the line just to help other people. With prayers and kind heart, I know the Philippines will get through this disaster. I pray for the safety of everyone. Filipinos never loose hope! We know how to struggle and stand up after a great loss. Let us bring out the Filipino Spirit! BANGON PILIPINAS!

Recipe: Pochilet (Potato Chicken Fillet)

This recipe that I'll be sharing today is my friend's project back in college. We have this subjects called "Entrepreneurship" which required us to make a new product to be introduced to the market. I remembered my group's product was "Strawberry Rose Ice Cream" and maybe next time I'll share the recipe. By the way, I am a graduate of BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management. That's why our new product must be about food. And that is also the reason why most of the time there are misconceptions about my course. They thought that BS in HRM are future chefs. I always need to explain that BS in HRM graduates are future Hotel or Restaurant managers or owners that even thou some of our majors are about cooking. Because if you look at the bigger picture it is just a part of our course. Because as a future Hotel and Restaurants Managers or Owners we need to learn how to run every departments of a hotel or restaurants so that we can run the business well.

Potato Chicken Fillet "POCHILET"
3 Chicken Breast, shreded
6 medium potato, mashed
1/4 c milk
1 big onion, minced
salt & pepper to taste
1 egg, beaten
bread crumbs


1. In a bowl mix chicken breast, potato, onion and milk together. Add Salt and Pepper to taste.

2. Make an oblong shape.

3. Coat it with flour, egg and bread crumbs. (in order)

4. Fry until golden brown and serve.

Enjoy! Bon appetit!

Shoes for the Rainy Days

It's been raining for the whole week. Officially it is rainy season here in the Philippines. I was overwhelmed to summer and I didn't prepare for the rainy season, I bought shoes and sandals that I can't wear when it's raining. That is why I am now looking for the best shoes that fits the weather. And amazingly I found a lot of choices!

#GoTeamPinas by SMART

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Recipe: Seafood Hotpot

Seafood Hotpot, is one of my favorites when I am eating in a Japanese Restaurant. I just got back from being sick. And it is already rainy season here in the Philippines. So I thought of this recipe, I remembered doing this recipe during the  new year's eve of 2011 and my family loved it! As you have noticed most of my recipes are homemade and I don't use expensive ingredients simply because I am a very practical person. I always think of other alternative ways on how to make my favorite dish easy to do and as much as possible affordable. So, here is my version of Japanese Seafood Hotpot:

Day-off: Girls Night-out

We went clubbing at High Society for the first time and we were all girls... no boyfriends allowed! The Republiq resident Dj Ron Poe was good! We had a blast! Let the photos speaks for it self.:)

Travel: Star City (Adventure within the Metro)

Star City, is located within the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Pasay City. (Click link for more info)

It's My Birthday!:)

The day was very ordinary except that I'm in good mood... I woke up ate my breakfast, took a shower and dress up for work. As I arrived at the office, I was lucky that only Kim remembered that it was my birthday. I'm not very comfortable when people greets me... It feels awkward and I don't know why. The day was about to end up as an ordinary day at work until my best friend Regina went to the office and surprised me! I'm not into surprises because I get very emotional. And it happened... I was teary eyed... TROLOLOL! I am very thankful to have friend like her. Thank you is not enough... I am out of words... I am very overwhelmed! I love you BFF!:)

Day-off/Photography: Say a little prayer

As I've said before, I am using a Canon A800 Power Shot digital camera in taking photos. I loved the features of my camera especially when taking macro shots. But, did you know that before I can shoot an amazing macro shot of insects I am praying at the same time? Yes! Because I need to get closer to the subject. As in very very very close like 1/4 inch close... It was very hard at the same time very fulfilling! So, here are some of it and I am happy to share it with you.

DAY-OFF: Productive Day (7.7.12)

As I've said I'll be sharing my rest day activities here. Starting this July my day-off is fixed, it will be every Saturday. Hooray to weekends! Hooray Friday and Saturday Night life is back!

As usual, I started my day by doing the laundry and clean the house. Then my sister Tina arrived to visit her kids in the afternoon. We chill and had a girly bonding as usual.

Photography: Butterfly (Macro Shot)

Since I got my Canon Power Shot I fell in love with macro shots. One of my favorite subject is a butterfly. Since I don't have enough time to visit a butterfly sanctuary, I just run after the butterflies in our garden. Here are some of it...

Recipe: Gummy Bears Vodka

I've posted this few months ago on my tumblr. I just want to share it here. I saw this "recipe" when I was very active in tumblr, I was following this tumblr blog entitled "Party Rehabb" (a very amazing blog) who post about alcoholic beverage recipe and this Gummy Bears vodka got my attention because I am a gummy bear lover! I tried it and I loved it! At first I thought it wont give me a kick but when I started eating it I know I can't finish it... So here it is... how to make a gummy bear vodka!

Photography: 16 and 17Th Hotair Balloon Festival

Okay this is a long overdue. Since I wasn't been active to blogger this past few months. For 3 years now I'm attending the Hot Air Balloon Festival that is held every February in Clark Air Base, PH. I remember the first time I went to the event (15Th Hot Air Balloon Festival), I was just bringing my old model 4 megapixel digital camera. The place was jam-packed and I can't get any closer to get a better shot. It was the time I dreamed of having my own DSLR. Still luck strike, my mom  went with us and she got us in and I was able to get better shots (click here).

Last year (16Th Hotair Balloon Festival) my camera broke. Maybe because it is old. My desire to get my own DSLR frustrates me plus the fact that I know it is  impossible for me to get one because it is expensive. So February came and I didn't have my own camera. Good thing my best friend lend me her digital camera. But we came late and the line on the ticket booth was endless. I was losing hope. I know I will not get a good shot. The balloons, one by one started to take-off and I'm still in line. I know I didn't make it. Until I saw the mountain, sunrise, thick clouds and the flying balloons. I saw that it is a perfect silhouette shot. I left the line took the photo and viola! I was happy!

DAY-OFF: Girly Bonding with Yasha

I work 6 days a week, and today is my rest day! Starting today I've decided to share to you on how I would spend my day-off. Actually, I'd rather spend some quality time with my family or friends during my off than spending the whole day sleeping or doing nothing. So technically I don't rest on my rest day.

What did I do today? I stayed at home and I had some girly time with my niece Yasha! She asked me to put on her new hello kitty nail polish. It was from my sister mellette who loves hello kitty as well. But, besides the different hello kitty stuff she also gave us an Avengers action figure for Khalil, Starbucks Italian roast coffee for our dad and a big bag of chocolate for all of us (Khalil and Yasha are you ready to lose some tooth? haha!)!

Recipe: Dad's Spicy Shrimp

I must admit that my dad is the best cook in the family. He worked in some famous restaurants back then that is why he got some delicious recipes. My dad cooks our breakfast everyday and his omelet is my favorite! But, besides his omelet, my second favorite is his Spicy Shrimp which I'm going to share today. This dish is very easy and affordable.

Iguana (Formerly Zapata's) Cantina Mexicana

Let's go Mexican! Since my previous post is about my favorite Mexican dish (Burrito), I've decided to blog about my Favorite Authentic Mexican Restaurant (Zapata's) that serves the most delicious Burrito in Pampanga, Philippines! I've tried some burritos from other Mexican restaurants here in Pampanga, But Zapata's ALL MEAT (BEEF) BURRITO is the best!

Recipe: Celine's Homemade Burrito

I'll be sharing my favorite Mexican dish. It's my own version of Burrito. It is cheaper and easy to do.

Burrito -  (US English /bəˈrit/Spanish: [buˈrito]), or taco de harina,[1] is a type of Mexican food. It consists of a wheat flour tortilla-wrapped or folded into a roughly cylindrical shape to completely enclose a filling. (In contrast, a taco is generally formed by simply folding a tortilla in half around a filling, leaving the semicircular perimeter open.) The flour tortilla is usually lightly grilled or steamed, to soften it and make it more pliable.

Vogue Fashion 10 Best Dressed (Fashion)

Check out Vogue Fashion 10 Best Dressed!

On the number one spot is the fierce Keira Knightley! I like her style. She always looks fresh!

celine crudo

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Happy Birthday to my Best Friend Regina Spillers!

Name: Ma. Lucia Regina De Guzman Spillers
Age: 26
Birthday: June 27, 1986

Recipe: Homemade Chocolate Truffle (dessert)

I'll be sharing the recipe of a homemade Chocolate Truffles. If you have limited budget and you don't know what gift to give on Valentine's day, Birthday, mother's day and etc... I suggest that you should try this recipe.

Chocolate Truffles

TRAVEL: Backpacking

Backpaking is a form of low-cost, independent local/international travel.

I am planning to try backpacking soon. It's one of my must-try adventure hopefully before 2012 ends. I'm still choosing a place but, definitely it would be an international travel. My prospect places are: Hong Kong, Macau or Singapore. It will be my first time to go out of my comfort zone. I hope it will be pushed through... and I hope my travel partner/best friend will be able to come with me!

xoxo Celine Crudo

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(Windmills in Ilocos Norte, Philippines)

Project 366 (week no. 2)

The Dj's Booth
Project 366 8/366 1/8/12

"Music has been my playmate, my lover, and my crying towel." ~Buffy Sainte-Marie 

Ate dinner with Jann... I ate 2 cups of rice, lechon kawali, fried chicken, sisig and bbq chicken liver. we hang-out at el potro... listen to Chiro band... drink some strawberry shake and ate nachos. I had a great time! 'til next time!:))

1st Week of Project 366

Beautiful Day!
Project 366 1/366 1/1/2012

Woke up from the new year’s party… I still don’t know what will be my first photo for this project. until I saw this two white butterflies flying around the garden. I chased them… and viola! I caught this photo! Happy new year everyone!:))

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