Shoes for the Rainy Days

It's been raining for the whole week. Officially it is rainy season here in the Philippines. I was overwhelmed to summer and I didn't prepare for the rainy season, I bought shoes and sandals that I can't wear when it's raining. That is why I am now looking for the best shoes that fits the weather. And amazingly I found a lot of choices!

Starting with these fashionable rain boots! It's sad to admit that when it's raining here in the Philippines, expect the streets/roads to be flooded. That is why these booties are perfect for the flooded areas.

I also found these cute booties and it can be ordered online. You can visit Shuella - your shoe umbrella.

Who will say "I don't like these shoes!"? My eyes can't stop looking at these Dr Martens! These babies are very dependable and durable. I also want their 16 hole boots!

Crocs, are also a good choice for the rainy weather. And these pair of open-toed turquoise design is my top pick.

But, hey if you are looking for a cheaper rain shoes. I recommend these flats. Mostly you can find them in SM department stores nationwide. The price range is only 50 php to 350 php. Not bad right?


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