DAY-OFF: Girly Bonding with Yasha

I work 6 days a week, and today is my rest day! Starting today I've decided to share to you on how I would spend my day-off. Actually, I'd rather spend some quality time with my family or friends during my off than spending the whole day sleeping or doing nothing. So technically I don't rest on my rest day.

What did I do today? I stayed at home and I had some girly time with my niece Yasha! She asked me to put on her new hello kitty nail polish. It was from my sister mellette who loves hello kitty as well. But, besides the different hello kitty stuff she also gave us an Avengers action figure for Khalil, Starbucks Italian roast coffee for our dad and a big bag of chocolate for all of us (Khalil and Yasha are you ready to lose some tooth? haha!)!

Yasha loves the color pink so she choose this shade for her nails!

celine crudo

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