1st Week of Project 366

Beautiful Day!
Project 366 1/366 1/1/2012

Woke up from the new year’s party… I still don’t know what will be my first photo for this project. until I saw this two white butterflies flying around the garden. I chased them… and viola! I caught this photo! Happy new year everyone!:))

The Leftover
Project 366 2/366 1/2/2012

Because I'm "Pinoy" I eat leftover food! We don't throw excess food from the party... We usually keep it in the fridge then reheat it for the next day! (Why will you throw excess food... when there are a lot of people starving to death?...) That is why I had this for my breakfast this morning... A leftover food from the new year's party. It's actually my Dad's recipe. It's a shrimp sauted on butter with lots of garlic, tomato sause, heavy cream and chilies! yum!:))

The Stress Reliever
Project 366 3/366 1/3/12

"An ice cream a day keeps the wrinkles away." XD

This vanilla ice cream saved me from a very stressful day at work. I don't care about the calories, fats and carbs! I am happy that's it!:P

The Lesson
Project 366 4/366 1/4/12

Day 4 I forgot to bring my camera batteries! I was what the!??! this can't be true! So I rushed to the nearest store and I bought these rechargeable batteries and charger... and it cost me 480 pesos... Now I've learned my lesson... Batteries and charger must always be in my bag too to be able to complete my project 366! And the bright side now is I have a spare batteries and charger! yay! :)

Say Cheese!:)
Project 366 5/366 1/5/12

I choose this photo because this little creature made me laugh! look at him smiling infront of my camera. He knows how to say cheese!:))

The Karate Kid!
Project 366 6/366 1/6/12

This photo was taken last night after posting my 5/366. As much as I wanted to post a photo that was taken today... I can't resist to post this for my 6/366 because he is so cute and when I was trying to take this photo this praying mantis tried to attack my camera. I was really frightened while taking this shot. Because he might jump on me.haha

The Moon
Project 366 7/366 1/7/12

" Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody." -Mark Twain 

one cloudy night and the moon is full...:))

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