there are different kinds of people in this world. with different attitude and way of thinking. that's why i really like this phrase: "I am unique and one of a kind.". I bump on them on my everyday journey. some are weird, sexy and hot, old, young, mysterious, jolly, friendly, snob, rich, poor, fat, thin, and etc... but, eventually you'll find a friend in them. there will always be someone who will stand out. someone you can share your


It was almost a month since my last post. I've been busy as a beaver. LOL! and after my hectic day at work I was also going out with my friends. We've been going to Bruno and Diego for four straight saturday night. then every monday and friday we were at terasa (a acoustic bar) .we were also stalking this band called CHIRO (haha JOKE!). and we've been eating a lot of frozen yogurt at terasa.LOL In addition to my "hectic" schedule... last sunday (may 31, 2009) we had a company swimming party!!! What a month! It is only today that I was able to have a chance to blog. well, I really need it... I discovered something intriguing and I felt the adrenalin rush inside me. I cannot believe it... and I cannot elaborate it here because it involve two different persons personal lives. actually, to release a little pressure on my mind right now I am going to call my friend after this and share the story.hehe but, I let her swear that it's only between the two of us. I some what believe her that she'll keep it as our ultimate secret.=)) GOSH!!! remembering it make me shiver.LOL I'll just stop here before I can reveal it.LOL! bye for now...=)
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