5 Ways to PLUMP Your LIPS!

I am a huge fan of Michelle Phan, and here is one of the beauty tips from her Youtube channel. You can visit her channel by just clicking the link.

5 Ways to PLUMP Your LIPS!

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream Review

It's not easy to find a makeup that will fit my super oily skin because usually after a few hours the makeup will fade faster. I have used alot of BB creams, foundations and concealers but all of them fail to last longer. I like long-lasting makeup because with my current job I only have short breaks and usually I used them to eat and rest. So to cut the long story short, I don't retouch between work hours. Usually I put makeup before going to work and after my shift. But of course as a girl we want to look fresh all the time. And now I discover this Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream and from what it claims it last for 24 hours!

I've been using this product for almost a week now and in all fairness it really does last longer compare to other brands. And I don't need to reapply over and over all I need to do is to apply once before going to work then retouch it with a powder if I feel it. Another good thing about this is that it don't cake-up. I have big pores frim my pimples during my teen days but this foundation covers it up. Not totally erasing it but it does makes my skin looks a little bit smoother.

You could see the difference before and after I applied it. It evens out smoothly, very light weight, matte finish, has SPF 20 and long-lasting. But honestly it is a bit pricey it cost 975 PHP for 27.3 ml but like what I have said you will not reapply over and over so it will still last longer and maybe it will last for morethan a month. So for all the oily skin out there I will recomend Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream! And with a darker skintone the warm golden color will do. Until next time for more beauty review! Laters!



The EM Cosmetics

I'm not into make-up honestly I usually just wear powder, blush, mascara and lipstick going to work or sometimes only powder... But one day I was bored and youtube is my only buddy at that time. I tried to type in "how to put proper make-up" and after browsing some videos I came across Michelle Phan channel and I find her channel very interesting and I love most of her how to... Videos. If you haven't heard abou Michelle Phan... Stay tuned and I'll share her tutorial videos here on my page soon! And I will talk about her... From tutorial video blogger to a succesful make-up youtube blogger and also she has her new brand for make-ups... I can't wait oi blog more about Michelle Phan's video page. Bye for now loves!


Zac Efron Spotted Kissing Michelle Rodriguez in Italy by People Magazine

I'm a huge fan of Zac Efron and this is so shocking for me. I never imagined that Zac will be link to Michelle Rodriguez. But, don't get me wrong, its just that I know she's a lesbian because I know she was linked to a super model named Cara Delevingne. I thought Zac is getting away with his vices that is why he had to go to a rehab. In my opinion with Michelle Rodriguez lifestyle right now (if all the gossip is true) she's no good for Zac efron.

Photos are grab from Peoples Magazine. Click the link to see their story.


Grandmother's Ring

My grandmother just arrived here in the Philippines last July 7, 2014 from San Francisco. She'll be staying here for good. We decided that because she is already 93 years old and she's living alone in SF. Today was her second day and so far she's fine and catching up with the time and weather. Just this morning when she was arranging her stuff she gave me this vintage ring and my mom was so jealous because she's been seeing that ring since she was a child. And now my grandmother pass it over to me. I feel so lucky to have something valuable from my grandmother. I will keep this ring and hopefully I can pass it over to my children.


GT Bleaching Soap

Summer is over but my tan lines are still very much visible. I don't usually use whitening product since I'm not really a fan of fair skin and I like my morena skintone. But, I think my sunburn is too much this time so I decided to buy a whitening soap.

Honestly, I don't have any idea on what brand of whitening product will I buy... So I start checking all known products which I see on tv and magazines and I cannot decide on what to buy. Maybe I was looking for each product for about 15 mins and still I haven't decided what to buy. So a saleslady came over and made a suggestion to get the GT Bleaching Soap.

She told me that it's effective and has natural ingredients as what the packaging is claiming.

Well, let's see if this will work. It's actually expensive than the other papaya or kojic soap that is common in the market. It cost 80php for 120g. The soap is color white and I like the lemon scent. It's very refreshing. After 2 weeks I'll make another review if there is an improvement. So stay tuned!


Hello Birth Month

It's my birth month and I am planning to conduct my first giveaway. So stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to be updated on my first giveaway promo! Comment below if you want this to happen and also guess what will be given away... hmmmmm?


How Well Do You Know Your Shit?

I've seen this on Facebook because a friend shared this link from HealthWorks.My and this is definitely helpful for us to know what's going on inside our body. So please give some time and read this.


Like what I have promised on my previous post I'll be sharing my summer getaway this 2014. I've also mention on my previous post that I have a new job. Well from regular day job I am now a call center agent and I am a customer care specialist of Sprint. It is one of the mobile network provider in United States along with T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. And even though I am a new agent last April we already had our team building and we did that in Bolinao, Pangasinan. It's on the northern part of the Philippines. It's my first time to go there actually I've been in some places on thr northern part of Luzon but, I never been to Bolinao. But I hear good feedbacks from my friends who already went there. And since our team leader is from Bolinao he suggest the place because he promised us that there are cheap resorts and great beaches in Bolinao.

We stayed there for 2 days and 1 night. It was a 4 to 5 hours drive from Pampanga and if you're not familiar with the roads it may take a little bit longer. When we reached the resort it was already night time so we just ate our dinner it was the famous longaniza of Alaminos, Panngasinan, salted eggs, green mangoes and bagoong. After that since it was late already we can't swim on the beach so we just swim on the resort's pool.

In the morning of course we were so excited to go to the beach and catch the sunrise and luckily we were able to see the sunrise, we were able to take more photos and we also saw a group of fish and the fisherman caught them and because the water is just almost knee deep we were able to take a closer look and I was able to take photos of the small fishes.

The Burger Adventure (Part 1)

This past few months I had this craving for burgers... maybe I watch too much TLC shows... But, yeah it was my dream to become one of the host of a travel and food show... I want to travel the world and eat the best food in each country/province/city. And maybe this is the reason why I also like to blog. This is my way of fulfilling that passion and hopefully someday that dream will come true.

This blog is basically my first blog after disappearing for a long time... I was too busy with my new job and I work on a graveyard shift. Usually my routine will be waking up at around 12 midnight because my shift starts at 3am until 11am. After shift usually me and my new colleague will eat and like what I've said I had this craving for burgers. And since I finally got a chance to post a blog I'll be sharing my past burger adventure this past few months while I am gone in the blog scene.

1. First on the list is the "Three Meat Burger" and  "BK Stack King " of Burger king. It's called 3 meat because it has bacon, ham and the burger itself. While the stack king has a quadruple patty, cheese and bacon. BK is one of my favorite burger joint because they have a good quality of burger patties.

7107 International Music Festival 2014 (Feb 22 and 23)

Yes! It finally happened! Last February 22-23, 2014 the first and biggest international music festival was held at the Global Gateway in Clark, Pampanga. It was an awesome experience for me. I was very lucky to be a part of that event. I never thought that I will be able to come because the tickets is kinda pricey... But, luckily two days before the event I was offered to go there for work and I actually didn't think twice to say "YES!".

Day ONE...
The Entrance (Philippine Eagle inspired)

My wristband/ticket/pass (for 2 days)

Stage Number 2 (Carabao inspired)

7107 International Music Festival

WHEN: FEBRUARY 22-23, 2014

This will be the first and biggest international music festival in the Philippines! here are the list of the music artists that will perform in the event:

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