DAY-OFF: Productive Day (7.7.12)

As I've said I'll be sharing my rest day activities here. Starting this July my day-off is fixed, it will be every Saturday. Hooray to weekends! Hooray Friday and Saturday Night life is back!

As usual, I started my day by doing the laundry and clean the house. Then my sister Tina arrived to visit her kids in the afternoon. We chill and had a girly bonding as usual.

After that, me and my nephew Khalil went outside to do our hobby... Can you guess what is it? It's non other  than PHOTOGRAPHY! We saw some Flies, Grasshopper, Bugs and other insects.

Besides the macro shots the day was really perfect for photography... The clouds are nice and the sunset was different than the usual.

At around 8pm I went to my bff's house and we had a movie marathon and I slept over to her house. It was a very productive day for me. It was an amazing rest day! Thank God for the good day!

celine crudo

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