Travel: Star City (Adventure within the Metro)

Star City, is located within the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Pasay City. (Click link for more info)

Are you looking for a place where you can have adventure within the Metro? Well I recommend Star City! Who said amusement parks are for kids only? Have you forgotten that amusement parks doesn't only consists of carousels, bump cars, and etc... It also consists of roller coasters and other extreme rides.

For Kids:

We were very stressed at work at that time when me and my office-mates start looking for some adventure to release our stress. We thought of a lot of places but, we don't have enough time for long drive. Until my brother told me that he went to Star City a week ago. At first I thought it's just for kids until he told me about riding Star Flyer, Surf Dance, Jungle Splash and etc... I was like EUREKA! Why I didn't think of that? So instead of taking a long drive outside Metro Manila we decided to go to Star City.

Haunted House:

It was my first time to ride a roller coaster. I've tried rides like Ferris wheel, Blizzard, Viking and Jungle Splash but not Star Flyer! Good thing about my office-mates they were all game to try extreme rides (OH! except the guys!). So for the first time I've experienced to ride a roller coaster! And  not only once but twice! The adrenaline rush was very nice and even it was only for a few minutes, I was free from all the stress!

It was definitely one amazing experience! I am thankful that I don't need to take a long drive just to find a stress free place. I'll definitely come back again to star city and take another roller coaster ride again and again!

celine crudo



Lamodaya said...

Hey Celine!
Ur blog is very cute.
Looks u had fun with the roller coaster.

Kiss from Mexico


celine crudo said...

Thank you!:)

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