SHARKS are feared by everyone. Known to be the most dangerous creature under the sea. They attack human beings and other animals. they are also known to be the most intelligent animal. Sharks rule the seas and oceans.

I personally fear sharks. whenever I'm on the beach I always think that there are sharks out there which makes me scared to go to the water. I love summer, I love the beach and I love doing all kinds of water sports. But, fear always come into my way.

SALE! SALE! SALE! it's everybody's favorite!

Today is the first day of the 3-day sale at SM clark. After work I decided to drop by to look for a new pants or shirt. I love to go to a sale especially at sm. I will never go home empty handed on a sale day! I always find something nice to show-off to my friends! I am a practical type of person. I usually spend my money to the things that I know I can use it for years. The lower the price the better but I am also looking at the quality of the product. Its okay to buy something expensive as long as i could use it for a long time. I don't care if there are many people on a sale day as long as I can find something nice. The last time I went to


Another history was made. after 6 years of waiting... ateneo blue eagles wrap-up game-2 and won the championships. the ateneo defeated la salle by a sweep! the whole season '71 ateneo and la salle face each other inside the court 4 times. and ateneo didn't give la salle a chance. it was a 4-0 sweep! another history that will be remembered. not only by ateneans and la sallites but also buy everyone.
it was a heart-breaking for la salle since they were the defending champions. and even more they lost the tittle to their age-old rival... THE ATENEO BLUE EAGLES!
before the game, an awarding was held. chris tiu got the PSbank maasahan player of the game. rabeh al-hussaini got the mvp tittle and the most improve player of the season. severino "nonoy" bacalao got the most defensive player of the season. and of course ryan buenafe was the rookie of the year.
On the first quarter, la salle got the jumpball and take the lead.


The philippine star describe him as a HERO, an ICON for the youth and a person with BRAIN, BRAWN, BEAUTY and BREEDING. In the Showbiz Central (talk show) they said that he was "THE MAN OF THE HOUR" and he was THE TALK OF THE TOWN today. But, for me and my friend jen describes him as the "EPITOME OF PERFECTION". This man is no other than Christopher John Alandy-dy Tiu or much known as the man wearing the jersey # 17 of Ateneo blue eagles.

I first saw Chris Tiu on MEG magazine way way back on my highschool days. But, I start to admire him during the UAAP season '69 last 2006. I was watching their game against the UST growling tigers. I cannot miss to pay attention to Chris Tiu since he plays very well inside the court. He is known for his three-point shots and in giving good assists. He really caught my eyes so I immediately sms my friend jen to watch and look for Chris Tiu. And from then we became a FAN!

I call myself a Blogger!

This past few years I been passionate in travelling, taking pictures of myself, places and anything under the sun. So I created my own multiply site where I can put all of my photos. I don't put descriptions or caption to it. I just let the pictures speaks for themselves. Because I am not good in telling detailed stories.

Finally, today I had the courage to give blogging a try and I finally made my decision to create this blog. I was hesitant at first to have my own blog site since, I'm not good in writing about my feelings. That is the reason why I usually prefer a site where I will just post pictures than stories, ideas and etc... Sometimes I think maybe I am just afraid to share my point-of-view and opinions. Because I am afraid of criticism. But today, with greater courage... I finally made-up my mind and start to become a blogger.

I cannot assure you that I could give you a perfect blog entries. My life is not that interesting at all. I am very random person. I will try my best to create an interesting posts. And from now on... I'll be making this "blogspot" my outlet of my emotions/feelings, opinions, ideas and etc... And I am hoping that readers will be entertained and will give me a good feedback.

Today (10/2/08) I call myself a blogger!

PS. There is a funny accident that happened when I was trying to start this blog. The chair where I was sitting broke! And I fell on the ground and broke my right thumb! I was really hurt but it didn't stop me from continuing this blog and no one can stop me today!

celine crudo
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