A little throwback for my BFF Redj

I remember posting this on my BFF Redj's graduation day. And these are my exact words...


FASHION: HOT OR NOT? (Sarenza Online)

Hot or not? I must say it's definitely HOT!!! I love converse and this accessory is a hit! find it at Sarenza.nl.

Click the photo for the link.

Celine Crudo

What's new with Instagram?

Instagram became the most popular application all over the world for more than two years and I must say that I am one of those who's addicted to this application. I am posting almost everything from the food that I am eating to the places that I've been.

Now Instagram is thrilled to introduce to us it's newest Video feature where we can share our moments in other way. Now Instagram is now more exciting!

Celine Crudo

Coming Soon!

My First Love

It's been a while... I've been searching for myself. I was looking for something that will make me happy. I thought of leaving my job for 6 years and work abroad. I wanted to go back to my first love the F&B industry. When I was in college My dream is to be a Manager of a Hotel or Restaurant. But, after college fate didn't allow me and it lead me to a sales and marketing field. And I am proud to say that I grow professionally and personally. Now that we are somewhat financially stable I was hoping to go back to my first love but I still have a lot of responsibilities from my current job. I hope it won't be too late for me.
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