Photography: 16 and 17Th Hotair Balloon Festival

Okay this is a long overdue. Since I wasn't been active to blogger this past few months. For 3 years now I'm attending the Hot Air Balloon Festival that is held every February in Clark Air Base, PH. I remember the first time I went to the event (15Th Hot Air Balloon Festival), I was just bringing my old model 4 megapixel digital camera. The place was jam-packed and I can't get any closer to get a better shot. It was the time I dreamed of having my own DSLR. Still luck strike, my mom  went with us and she got us in and I was able to get better shots (click here).

Last year (16Th Hotair Balloon Festival) my camera broke. Maybe because it is old. My desire to get my own DSLR frustrates me plus the fact that I know it is  impossible for me to get one because it is expensive. So February came and I didn't have my own camera. Good thing my best friend lend me her digital camera. But we came late and the line on the ticket booth was endless. I was losing hope. I know I will not get a good shot. The balloons, one by one started to take-off and I'm still in line. I know I didn't make it. Until I saw the mountain, sunrise, thick clouds and the flying balloons. I saw that it is a perfect silhouette shot. I left the line took the photo and viola! I was happy!

This year (17Th Hot air Balloon), I still don't have my own DSLR. But I was able to buy my new Canon Power Shot A800. It may not be the latest model but surprisingly it satisfy my desire of having a good camera.

With more confidence I know I can get good shots this year. Because of 3 reasons: I am not late, I didn't went on the last day because as expected the place will be jam-packed and I also tagged along my niece and nephew for them to see the event and it was their first time and I am happy that they enjoyed watching big balloons. I must say that so far this year was the best year and I'm looking forward to the 18Th Hotair Baloon Festival.

celine crudo


Sienna said...

nice blog! stop by anytime:)
xoxo Sienna

Vonny said...

nice pics :D

celine crudo said...


Gabriele V. said...

Hi dear,
maybe you would like to follow each other's blogs with blogger or via blgolovin? or even both?

have a nice day!

celine crudo said...

Hi gabriele, thanks and I checked your blog and it's really nice! followed!:)

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