Recipe: Homemade Chocolate Truffle (dessert)

I'll be sharing the recipe of a homemade Chocolate Truffles. If you have limited budget and you don't know what gift to give on Valentine's day, Birthday, mother's day and etc... I suggest that you should try this recipe.

Chocolate Truffles
Dark Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar
White Chocolate Bar
Heavy Cream
Sprinkles (heart)

Kitchen tools/utensils:
1 Big Sauce Pan
1 Medium Sauce Pan
Parchment Paper
2 Stainless Bowl
1 wooden spoon or Spatula
Chopping Board

Chop the dark semi-sweet chocolate. Melt the dark semi-sweet chocolate bar using a double boiler procedure. Slowly add the heavy cream. Mix until it thicken. Cool the dark semi-sweet chocolate mixture in the refrigerator for atleast 20-30 mins. or until the mixture is hard enough to create a ball shape. After shaping the dark semi-sweet mixture place them again inside the fridge. Chop the white chocolate. Melt the white chocolate bar using the double boiler procedure again. when the white chocolate is meted let it cool for atleast 2-3 mins. then take out the dark semi-sweet chocolate ball and dip it in the melted white chocolate. After dipping in the white chocolate immediately put the sprinkle on before the white chocolate harden.

Note: you can use any type of chocolate if you want it to be sweeter you can use the regular chocolate bar. And you may buy DIY box and design your own to make it more presentable. You can also use different shapes of sprinkles or cocoa powder. Be creative and enjoy!

celine crudo

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