I was arranging my old old stuff when I found my old bignotebook... I remember using it as my diary... as I was browsing through the pages I stopped and read a certain page... It made me smile and reminisce... I have decided to share what is written on that page:

Dated: October 25, 2007 (Thursday)
(this was the exact words.) "It was been 1yr and 4mos. to be exact when I first saw the perfect man. I finally had an inspiration in my life... HE was PERFECT in all aspect! He is every girls dream guy! He is INTELLIGENT, HANDSOME, RICH, TALENTED and FAMOUS. I am hoping that he is my "PRINCE CHARMING"... He made me believe in Fairy Tales again. That someday I'll find my PRINCE and we'll live HAPPILY EVER AFTER! It made me dreamed to be like CINDERELLA... a simple girl that was invited to a party and the prince notice her beauty from all the rich and fabulous girls who attended. or like SLEEPING BEAUTY... waiting for the kiss of her prince... I compare it to fairy tales because like in it we lived in two different worlds. That the chance of our world to meet is very minimal. He is living in a almost perfect world. While I, live in a simple world where I am just a FAN! I can't even get close to him. I don't even have a chance to stand-out among all his fans. It is really impossible! That if it happens... It is one hella of a miracle. haha! I describe him as an "EPITOME of PERFECTION". And even though I will not meet him in person, as long as I am happy and inspired whenever I see him from a far... I will always be thankful that I knew someone like him."

--- That's about it... I realized that I sound really cheesy but, that is the truth! I really fell-in-love...haha! all the things that I am looking for a man is in him. He was and still my dream guy! to be exact... today is JULY 25,2010 I am 3yrs in-love-and-hoping. So pathetic... I know... XD

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