Three Fights

Three Fights and a fight fight blue and white (3x)
Three fights and a fight fight come on…
One great fight (3x)
Fight fight blue and white
Go go ateneo sisbumba! (3x)
One big fight (5x)
you could check this site to listen. it's really a cool version.=)

THIS IS WAR... BLUE MEETS GREEN AGAIN! plus tribute to our late president corazon aquino

AUGUST 9, 2009, the war began. game 1 of the ateneo-la salle face-off happened today. but, before that... a tribute for our late President Corazon Aquino was held. almost all of the attendees was wearing yellow. the total attendees was 15,707. it was a sold-out game as usual. and as expected it was an intense and breath-taking game! ateneo won the overtime. I


Last Tuesday (august 4, 2009) we had a unplanned hiking adventure at gate 14 located somewhere in Clark field. the weather was rainy. 8am redj picked us up at our house. then headed to joanna's house in dau. on our way to Clark they thought of inviting rv. so they called her and asked her if she wants to come. she agreed so we pick her up in her house in pandakaqui??? somewhere in magalang i think. then on our way to our destination...
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