June 12, 2010 --- the Filipinos are now celebrating independence day. It's one of the most important event in the Philippines. Our Philippine heroes fought and sacrifice their lives for our freedom from the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese who colonized our country. (read Philippine history)

Now that there are a have to elect new President and other political leaders... I hope that we'll be voting wisely. We should make sure that they will bring difference and give justice to those who sacrifice their lives for our freedom. The day I understand what is going on in politics... I was very disappointed. Because, most of our political leaders are corrupt. Philippines was even known as the most corrupt country in the world. Which sometimes makes me think of leaving the country and start my life all over again. Getting job with decent wages is very hard these days. And the cost of living is getting more expensive. I am hoping and praying that our new elect leaders will do what they've promised to do during their campaign. I don't want to leave the country. Because, I love this place. This is my comfort zone. My family and friends lives here. I want to grow old in this country. I hope the Philippines will be able to cope up and will become a progressive country... to stop me and other Filipinos from leaving the country.

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