Project 366 (week no. 2)

The Dj's Booth
Project 366 8/366 1/8/12

"Music has been my playmate, my lover, and my crying towel." ~Buffy Sainte-Marie 

Ate dinner with Jann... I ate 2 cups of rice, lechon kawali, fried chicken, sisig and bbq chicken liver. we hang-out at el potro... listen to Chiro band... drink some strawberry shake and ate nachos. I had a great time! 'til next time!:))

1st Week of Project 366

Beautiful Day!
Project 366 1/366 1/1/2012

Woke up from the new year’s party… I still don’t know what will be my first photo for this project. until I saw this two white butterflies flying around the garden. I chased them… and viola! I caught this photo! Happy new year everyone!:))

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