23 years

July 19, 2009 I turned 23. 2 years I've been working on the same company. A job that is enough to help my parents and to sustain my daily needs. I'm not happy... I don't know what i want exactly. I didn't achieve anything yet as far as i know. I feel like a looser! GOD please help me find my destiny... Enlighten me to see what's out there for me. Guide me to the right path. I believed in you. =)


I ask GOD something that I really want before... He gave it to me... now I don't know if I really wanted it. I have regrets... I don't question HIM on that. I will try to understand why he gave what I wish before. I know he's up to something beautiful for me. God is good all the time!


celine crudo

my insight on feu and barroca...

Disappointed with what I've heard and read about FEU and BARROCA. I've been a fan of UAAP. I really give my time just to watch the games. I absent myself at work just to go to araneta to watch. The feeling of excitement that i felt whenever i see the team that I'm rooting will win is priceless and really worth it! But that was before... now that I've learned that there are scams happening... I was really disappointed... The efforts

"when it rains, it pours."

Something bad happened last night. And until today I'm not in good mood. I feel like I am under the weather. I don't want to go into details. It just makes me feel more depressed. I just shared my unexplainable feeling here just to release stress. I thought when I received the good news from my sister that very same night, the bad-luck will end there. But, as the saying goes when it rains it pours... Bad luck and bad day continues... I'll just pray to GOD that this will all end. and i hope that all the bad things that happens has something good in return. Sigh... =(

Three Fights

Three Fights and a fight fight blue and white (3x)
Three fights and a fight fight come on…
One great fight (3x)
Fight fight blue and white
Go go ateneo sisbumba! (3x)
One big fight (5x)
you could check this site to listen. it's really a cool version.=)

THIS IS WAR... BLUE MEETS GREEN AGAIN! plus tribute to our late president corazon aquino

AUGUST 9, 2009, the war began. game 1 of the ateneo-la salle face-off happened today. but, before that... a tribute for our late President Corazon Aquino was held. almost all of the attendees was wearing yellow. the total attendees was 15,707. it was a sold-out game as usual. and as expected it was an intense and breath-taking game! ateneo won the overtime. I


Last Tuesday (august 4, 2009) we had a unplanned hiking adventure at gate 14 located somewhere in Clark field. the weather was rainy. 8am redj picked us up at our house. then headed to joanna's house in dau. on our way to Clark they thought of inviting rv. so they called her and asked her if she wants to come. she agreed so we pick her up in her house in pandakaqui??? somewhere in magalang i think. then on our way to our destination...


there are different kinds of people in this world. with different attitude and way of thinking. that's why i really like this phrase: "I am unique and one of a kind.". I bump on them on my everyday journey. some are weird, sexy and hot, old, young, mysterious, jolly, friendly, snob, rich, poor, fat, thin, and etc... but, eventually you'll find a friend in them. there will always be someone who will stand out. someone you can share your


It was almost a month since my last post. I've been busy as a beaver. LOL! and after my hectic day at work I was also going out with my friends. We've been going to Bruno and Diego for four straight saturday night. then every monday and friday we were at terasa (a acoustic bar) .we were also stalking this band called CHIRO (haha JOKE!). and we've been eating a lot of frozen yogurt at terasa.LOL In addition to my "hectic" schedule... last sunday (may 31, 2009) we had a company swimming party!!! What a month! It is only today that I was able to have a chance to blog. well, I really need it... I discovered something intriguing and I felt the adrenalin rush inside me. I cannot believe it... and I cannot elaborate it here because it involve two different persons personal lives. actually, to release a little pressure on my mind right now I am going to call my friend after this and share the story.hehe but, I let her swear that it's only between the two of us. I some what believe her that she'll keep it as our ultimate secret.=)) GOSH!!! remembering it make me shiver.LOL I'll just stop here before I can reveal it.LOL! bye for now...=)

at ZULU with redj

It's been a while since the last time we hang-out at zulu (coffee shop). before we usually hang-out there 2 to 3 times a week. and every time we meet we never ran out of stories for each other. and that is what happened last night. I didn't realize that it was almost 3am. good thing I don't have to wake up early the next day. but, feel guilty and sorry to redj because she needs to wake up early. soooorrryyy redj... I didn't mean to stay up really late... I just missed it so much. the last time we meet we were at bruno and we didn't have that serious talks... but, I also like hanging out like that... we drink and laugh. we need that...LOL we don't need to be so serious all the time.hehe

btw, the major agenda of the meet-up is... to cut a deal... that we'll be celebrating our birthdays on JULY 4, 2009. no place yet. but, definitely it will be on july 4. originally, redj bday is on june 27 and my bday is on july 19. but, we just thought of celebrating it at the same time... so we met halfway. I hope it will be pushed through and i am looking forward to it. it will be our first time. and I think it will be fun!=)

Photos from previous hang-outs and party mode with redj and friends:

Mother's Day!

       Today, may 10, 2009 is a day for our most BELOVED MOTHERS... Days
before --- we doesn't have any plans on how to spend the mother's day??? until yesterday (saturday, may 9, 2009)... my brother who is in fairview texted and ask me where are we going to celebrate the mother's day? since he's very busy on his review for the board exam... we decided to meet up in trinoma. we also agreed that he'll be sharing some money for our dinner. I know my mom doesn't feel well since my father is not here. Even we don't have lots of budget for the occasion we really look forward for it and hopefully make it special for her. my mother is easy to please. you don't need to give her extravagant gifts or anything... all she wants is to see us 
happy. a UNDERSTANDING-CARING-SIMPLE-LOVING MOTHER that is how I can described my mom.


1. Villa Cleopas in Cagbalete Island, Quezon Philippines.
I had a unique experience here in cagbalete. villa cleopas is a private island. but, the owners opened the island for other guests. but, only few will be accomodated for the protection and for maintaining the island's natural beauty. you can visit www.cagbalete.com for more info.

I really thank God for having you by Regina Spillers

I went to my old stuff and find this poem written by my bestfriend...

"I really thank God for having you"

what a DAY!

Today is not a very good day for me. I had a very stressful day at work. I don't know how will I handle all that stuff. Here I am again writing in this blog to share my feelings. and hoping that tomorrow will be a good day for me. this is my only outlet of my wonderful and awful life. I do have friends but, sometimes I rather not tell them sad things because I know we all have our own s**ts in life. and i don't want to add up on that.

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