What will I do with more than half-a-million pesos (500,000,000 PHP +)?

Since the jackpot prize went to three hundred million pesos I start taking chances. Because what if I win? The Jackpot Prize is more than HALF-A-MILLION pesos and up to now no one won. I can't imagine myself winning that kind of money. Now I'm wondering what will I do if I won? So I decided to create a list on what will I do...

MBC Star Audition Because i'm a girl English cover by Cheryl Bennett


I can't decide

 It's been a month now since I saw this Organ Donor card. I am thinking if I should print one for my self... I cannot decide... Should I donate my organs after my death? or not? 

Where do I go from here?

I came to a point that I wanted to do everything... And now I haven't started anything yet. I'm LOST! :(

PINK is the color

Pink is my new favorite color. and I saw this on the car show at SM clark. I like mini coopers a lot  plus I like pink... I must say that this is my dream car! I hope someday I'll be able to buy my own soon... ♥♥♥

2 years old BLOG

I never thought that I will be into blogging. I am not good with it. But, eventually I know  I can improve. Today it is 2-years old! I am very random with my blog. whatever comes out on my mind I impulsively write it. Sometimes whenever I'll try to back-read all my blog I am a little bit surprise with my post. I am not good in English but, as much as possible I am trying to write in English because I want everybody to understand my blog. I hope you'll enjoy my blog! And to all who wasted their time to read my blog thank you.

celine crudo

My top 3 best pool in the world

SAN ALFONSO DEL MAR (Algarrobo, Chile) - Opened in 2006. It is the Guinness World Record largest pool in the world. San Alfonso's pool is 1,000 meters long, 115ft deep. The pool covers an area of 7.7 hectares (19 acres) that holds 250 million liters of water. The pool water is pumped and filtered from the Pacific Ocean.


My friend used to call my bag a "jungle bag", because it is very untidy. I thought of taking out all my things. and these are what I found...


I was watching this TV series (GLEE) today. It was all about the reviving of the "GLEE CLUB" called New Direction in McKinley High school led by Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison). To cut the long story short. One episode about having GUTS and CONFIDENCE struck me and it made me realized that hey! what am I doing with my life right now? I know I have so many dreams before I graduate in college. I wanted to get back the good life that I had before. But, where I am now seems wont get me on that. I am not happy here. I wanted to let go of my job but, I can't. Because, I have responsibilities to fulfill. Tho I know keeping this job makes me hold back on my REAL DREAM. Now I am asking myself when will have the GUTS to let go and follow what my heart really desire? when will I have the CONFIDENCE to face my fears and show what I got? It's hard for me because, that self-confidence was strip-off on me back when I was in high school. That made me hate myself and made me believe that people wont accept me for who I am and I need to pretend that I am somebody else. I HATE IT! But, I don't know how, when and where to start. I had so much things on my mind. I wanted to do a lot of stuff that it came to a point that I don't know who and what I am right now. I am so LOST! And I can't even find my way back to the path where I am before. I am such a failure right now... I hope I can find my way back again. I wanted to be HAPPY again...


1. He had 3 live-in partners before my mom. and from those three I got 3 half-sister and 1half-brother.

2. He had an affair to other woman. and because of that I have an additional 1 half-sister and 1 half-bother.

3. He is vain. (ex. after taking a bath he uses a lotion and he only use his towel once.)

4. He is a LOVING dad. (I am a daddy's girl.)

5. He is a COOL dad. (he allows us to go out clubbing, overnights, out of town, ect. with our friends.)


Someone told me to Pursue my dream of becoming a "Professional Photographer" and he's right! I should start making my dreams come true. I was encourage to become a pro in photography because my dad encourage me to pursue it and I am getting good feedbacks on my shots. I'll be posting some of my favorite shots here. All pictures are not Photoshop-ed and since I don't have a PRO camera the image quality is low. But my purpose of posting these pictures is if by chance someone will accidentally come across my blog he/she can comment if I really have the potential of becoming a PRO. your comments is highly appreciated. Thank you.
Photograph By: CELINE CRUDO

at Fontana Leisure Park, Clark, Philippines

My Stray Cat

Three years ago I adopted a stray cat. She's all white and thin. I named her "puppy"! Now puppy is still with us. She is white as snow and very healthy. What I like about puppy is that she's so funny whenever she try to "meow"... we thought that she was mute. Because, the sound of her voice is very low. She already got pregnant three times. And all of her kittens are so adorable. Most of the time our neighbor would ask if they can have the kittens. My mom who doesn't like animals (in the house) would agree to give away the kittens. But, it's fine with us because we cannot accommodate all the cats. It'll be very expensive because, we have to feed all of them.


Photography by: celine crudo
Date: February 14, 2010

"This is an annual celebration. Held every month of February."

Morning Shoots:


June 12, 2010 --- the Filipinos are now celebrating independence day. It's one of the most important event in the Philippines. Our Philippine heroes fought and sacrifice their lives for our freedom from the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese who colonized our country. (read Philippine history)


I was arranging my old old stuff when I found my old bignotebook... I remember using it as my diary... as I was browsing through the pages I stopped and read a certain page... It made me smile and reminisce... I have decided to share what is written on that page:

Dated: October 25, 2007 (Thursday)
(this was the exact words.) "It was been 1yr and 4mos. to be exact when I first saw the perfect man. I finally had an inspiration in my life... HE was PERFECT in all aspect! He is every girls dream guy! He is INTELLIGENT, HANDSOME, RICH, TALENTED and FAMOUS. I am hoping that he is my "PRINCE CHARMING"... He made me believe in Fairy Tales again. That someday I'll find my PRINCE and we'll live HAPPILY EVER AFTER! It made me dreamed to be like CINDERELLA... a simple girl that was invited to a party and the prince notice her beauty from all the rich and fabulous girls who attended. or like SLEEPING BEAUTY... waiting for the kiss of her prince... I compare it to fairy tales because like in it we lived in two different worlds. That the chance of our world to meet is very minimal. He is living in a almost perfect world. While I, live in a simple world where I am just a FAN! I can't even get close to him. I don't even have a chance to stand-out among all his fans. It is really impossible! That if it happens... It is one hella of a miracle. haha! I describe him as an "EPITOME of PERFECTION". And even though I will not meet him in person, as long as I am happy and inspired whenever I see him from a far... I will always be thankful that I knew someone like him."

--- That's about it... I realized that I sound really cheesy but, that is the truth! I really fell-in-love...haha! all the things that I am looking for a man is in him. He was and still my dream guy! to be exact... today is JULY 25,2010 I am 3yrs in-love-and-hoping. So pathetic... I know... XD


Have you already choose the new leaders?

Tomorrow (May 10, 2010) the first automated election will be held in the Philippines. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. Filipinos are now wiser in choosing new leaders. Enough is enough! This past years we Filipinos never experience growth. Because, of CORRUPTION! We should vote wisely. Don't sell your votes. We deserve better! This country needs change! Our vote is the best way to help our own countrymen and ourselves to have a better life. GO PILIPINAS! Let us aim for a great FUTURE ahead of us!


celine crudo


It's been a long time since the last time I created a new blog entry. I am thinking that my addiction to twitter is the reason why I stopped blogging... The day I started to tweet was the day I stop blogging...

I blogged today because I miss this... writing my thoughts... It helps me to release stress. especially I'm depressed this past few weeks...

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