The Unfinished Business: Project 366

I went through my files and I saw my Project 366 folder. It made me sad a bit because I wasn't able to finish it. I became very busy at work and I miss photography so much especially that I am stressed and depressed right now because of all the pressures at work. I just thank God I still have time to blog. Atleast I still can release my emotions here. And hopefully soon I will have time to take pictures again. Here are some of my favorite shots:

 This is my day 1. I woke up from new year's eve celebration and I still don't have photo for my project 366 until I start taking pictures outside at first I was taking pictures of the leftovers of the fire crackers when I spotted these two white butterflies and then I tried chasing them and viola! I got this photo.

 This was my 1st time to photoshop a photo. I retain the color of the clouds and made the street black and white to highlight the clouds.

 I woke up with an amazing breakfast made by my mom. And to make my niece and nephew eat a lot... I made this presentation.

 I discovered that I can play with lights with my Canon Power Shot A800 so I went to SM clark and tried it!

 My stress reliever! An ice cream a day will keep the stress away! I don't care about calories... Atleast I have less wrinkles.LOL

 I called this the "Happy Face".

 My first shot of the Moon.

 My fighting fish name Chili.

 One of my favorite macro shot.

 Sunset at Sunset Estate. Saying hello to summer!

This was during our hiking at Clark Air Base, Philippines.


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