My Stray Cat

Three years ago I adopted a stray cat. She's all white and thin. I named her "puppy"! Now puppy is still with us. She is white as snow and very healthy. What I like about puppy is that she's so funny whenever she try to "meow"... we thought that she was mute. Because, the sound of her voice is very low. She already got pregnant three times. And all of her kittens are so adorable. Most of the time our neighbor would ask if they can have the kittens. My mom who doesn't like animals (in the house) would agree to give away the kittens. But, it's fine with us because we cannot accommodate all the cats. It'll be very expensive because, we have to feed all of them.
And we know that the new owners will take care of our cats. Whenever I pass in-front of our neighbor's house and I see the cats (healthy and happy) it feels good. It makes me feel very proud of myself because, in my simple way (adopting a stray cat) I was able to make a difference. :)

Puppy feeding her baby:

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