First Team Building (Bolinao 2014)

Like what I have mentioned on my previous blog I will start posting my travel adventure after I stopped blogging.

This is my first year working on a BPO company. I am a Customer Care Agent on one of the telecommunication company in the United States. Yes! If you're from the USA, and you're carrier is the company that I worked for maybe we've already talked. haha!

Since we work on a graveyard shift, on weekends and during holidays. One of the most popular activity we do during our day-offs and after payday is to have a team building. This is a good way to bond with your teammates for you to know them better. Because on a call center environment change is constant. Meaning you may have different teammates after a few months.

This is my first call center job. Yes! I am a call center "VIRGIN" in layman's term. I am lucky as well because even I am a virgin in this industry I was hired on this line of business. Because the four major telecommunication company in the US is the hardest account in the BPO industry. To those who doesn't have a experience in the BPO industry the reason why telecommunication account is hard because there are more metrics that you need to maintain. We have customer survey to make sure we are providing the best customer experience. We have average handling time to maintain meaning we cannot talk to one customer for a long time we need to resolve the issue as fast as we can but we need to make sure that the quality is there. As customer care agent we also need to make sure that when we resolve the issue of the customer we need to make sure that there are no underlying issue that will make the customer to call us back within the next 7 days. Those are the 3 most important metrics but we have more and I don't want to really discuss all these things here. I just want to give you an overview why I became busy in this field and did not have time to blog for the past 3 years.

Going back to Blogging

It's been 3 years since I post a blog. I stop blogging when I switch job 3 years ago. I gave up my regular office day job and become a call center agent. Because it was the most practical way to earn more money. Philippines is one of the country in Asia that offers BPO jobs. And compare to a regular job it offers a good compensation but you need to make some sacrifices. You need to work on a graveyard shift because most of the clients are from the western countries. You also need to work on weekends and holidays too! And with that being said you will have no time for family gatherings, holiday getaway and simply eating with the family even you live on the same house because most of the time you are sleeping.

I don't regret it by the way because with all those sacrifices, I was able to use my extra earnings to travel and crossed out some of the things on my bucketlist. Today I looked back and  I have realized that I missed blogging. Writing my ideas and experiences. And now I decided to open my blog again and I will find time to post all of my adventures for the last 3 years.

I am excited because I know I will get to post more interesting blog and hopefully I will be able to find more time to blog moving forward.


5 Ways to PLUMP Your LIPS!

I am a huge fan of Michelle Phan, and here is one of the beauty tips from her Youtube channel. You can visit her channel by just clicking the link.

5 Ways to PLUMP Your LIPS!

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream Review

It's not easy to find a makeup that will fit my super oily skin because usually after a few hours the makeup will fade faster. I have used alot of BB creams, foundations and concealers but all of them fail to last longer. I like long-lasting makeup because with my current job I only have short breaks and usually I used them to eat and rest. So to cut the long story short, I don't retouch between work hours. Usually I put makeup before going to work and after my shift. But of course as a girl we want to look fresh all the time. And now I discover this Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream and from what it claims it last for 24 hours!

I've been using this product for almost a week now and in all fairness it really does last longer compare to other brands. And I don't need to reapply over and over all I need to do is to apply once before going to work then retouch it with a powder if I feel it. Another good thing about this is that it don't cake-up. I have big pores frim my pimples during my teen days but this foundation covers it up. Not totally erasing it but it does makes my skin looks a little bit smoother.

You could see the difference before and after I applied it. It evens out smoothly, very light weight, matte finish, has SPF 20 and long-lasting. But honestly it is a bit pricey it cost 975 PHP for 27.3 ml but like what I have said you will not reapply over and over so it will still last longer and maybe it will last for morethan a month. So for all the oily skin out there I will recomend Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream! And with a darker skintone the warm golden color will do. Until next time for more beauty review! Laters!



The EM Cosmetics

I'm not into make-up honestly I usually just wear powder, blush, mascara and lipstick going to work or sometimes only powder... But one day I was bored and youtube is my only buddy at that time. I tried to type in "how to put proper make-up" and after browsing some videos I came across Michelle Phan channel and I find her channel very interesting and I love most of her how to... Videos. If you haven't heard abou Michelle Phan... Stay tuned and I'll share her tutorial videos here on my page soon! And I will talk about her... From tutorial video blogger to a succesful make-up youtube blogger and also she has her new brand for make-ups... I can't wait oi blog more about Michelle Phan's video page. Bye for now loves!

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