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When it is raining, I misses Summer. I remembered my first Summer trip to Cagbalete, Quezon. We went to Villa Cleofas, a 1,640.4874-hectare property located east of Quezon Province (in Luzon, north of the Philippines). It is a private island owned by my sister's boss family. They opened the place to the public but, they only allow limited number of guest so that it wont be crowded and to preserve the virgin island.

If you are taking a private transport it is 3-4 hours drive from South Super Hi-way to Mauban, Quezon. Then from Mauban, Quezon you'll need to take a 45 minutes boat ride that will cost you 5,000 php. The maximum capacity of the boat is about 20 pax.

There are different types of accommodations:

The Tents:  Tents  - 3 pax capacity @ P400/night

The Big Cottage: 25 people capacity @ P5,500.0/night ( P100/pax in excess of 25 pax) + P50/head -entrance fee.
Concrete cottages ( 2-3 people capacity) -  P2,000.0/night+P50/head entrance fee
Bamboo Huts ( 4-7 people capacity ) - P 1,500.0/ night + P50/head entrance fee
Small Cottage - 8 people capacity @ P2,500.0/ night  (P100/pax in excess of 8 pax) +P50/head entrance fee
Medium Cottage - 12 people capacity @ P3,000.0/ night  (P 100/pax in excess of 12 pax) + P50/head entrance fee

The changing of tides in Cagbalete is very amazing. During low tide, the waters can move as far back as 1 kilometer, leaving the shore dry and you can see all the rocks and corals. It was low tide when we arrive in the island that is why we need to walk 1 kilometer to get to the shore. First day was already an amazing welcome!

Low Tide:

High tide:

The white sand, the breath-taking scenery, the unique natural changes (low-high tide), wonderful sunrise, the quiet place and the reasonable price are the reasons why I fell in-love with Villa Cleofas. All in all Villa Cleofas is a very wonderful place to relax and escape from your busy lifestyle and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Tips: On your way home you can also try the famous pancit habhab of lucban, Quezon and also you can also buy their other special delicacies for "pasalubong".

For more info about Villa Ceofas just click the link.

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