1. He had 3 live-in partners before my mom. and from those three I got 3 half-sister and 1half-brother.

2. He had an affair to other woman. and because of that I have an additional 1 half-sister and 1 half-bother.

3. He is vain. (ex. after taking a bath he uses a lotion and he only use his towel once.)

4. He is a LOVING dad. (I am a daddy's girl.)

5. He is a COOL dad. (he allows us to go out clubbing, overnights, out of town, ect. with our friends.)

6. He is CARING. (thou he allows us to go out with our friends... when we go home you can see him waiting for you. how did I know that?... because he was the one who will open the door for us.)

7. He loves to sleep on the living room and leave the TV on the whole night. (he do that because he doesn't like to disturb my mom. he doesn't sleep well at night.)

8. He likes KFC chicken. Spicy of course! (me, my bother chris and tina loves it too!)

9. He is washes his own clothes. (he hand wash it.)

10. Besides to KFC he also likes Japanese food. (he even influenced my mom.)

11. He is a good cook! (i love it whenever he cooks breakfast for us.)

12. He is a good provider. (sometimes he even spoils us... he gives us everything we wants.)

13. He clean the car every morning. (as in everyday.)

14. If there's a chain smoker... He is a "chain-coffee-drinker!".LOL

15. He got a lot of friends. (proves that he's a nice person.)

16. He doesn't speak much. that is why when he speaks we listen. (not like mom she's a nagger!LOL)

17. He supports our decisions and always on our back. (very supportive and protective.)

18. He loves all his children. (that's why we love him too.)

19. He doesn't smoke. (he only smoke when he sees my mom smoking.)

20. He's calm. (he listen first...)

21. He doesn't look like a senior citizen especially when he dye his hair. (10 years older than mom.)

22. He is very punctual. (never been late.)

23. He never (in my entire life) lay his hand on us.

24. He gives us extra money behind my mom's back.LOL

25. He taught me how to drive.

26. He is FASHIONISTA. (that's the reason why he doesn't look old.)

27. He likes SHOES.

28. He is "TECHIE".

29. He is generous.

30. He likes to sing. (his past-time)

31. He doesn't like gambling.

32. He likes to read.

33. He was the one who taught me how to play pingpong.

34. He loves summer as much as we do... :)

35. He travels a lot. ( he's been to different countries)


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