23 years

July 19, 2009 I turned 23. 2 years I've been working on the same company. A job that is enough to help my parents and to sustain my daily needs. I'm not happy... I don't know what i want exactly. I didn't achieve anything yet as far as i know. I feel like a looser! GOD please help me find my destiny... Enlighten me to see what's out there for me. Guide me to the right path. I believed in you. =)


I ask GOD something that I really want before... He gave it to me... now I don't know if I really wanted it. I have regrets... I don't question HIM on that. I will try to understand why he gave what I wish before. I know he's up to something beautiful for me. God is good all the time!


celine crudo

my insight on feu and barroca...

Disappointed with what I've heard and read about FEU and BARROCA. I've been a fan of UAAP. I really give my time just to watch the games. I absent myself at work just to go to araneta to watch. The feeling of excitement that i felt whenever i see the team that I'm rooting will win is priceless and really worth it! But that was before... now that I've learned that there are scams happening... I was really disappointed... The efforts

"when it rains, it pours."

Something bad happened last night. And until today I'm not in good mood. I feel like I am under the weather. I don't want to go into details. It just makes me feel more depressed. I just shared my unexplainable feeling here just to release stress. I thought when I received the good news from my sister that very same night, the bad-luck will end there. But, as the saying goes when it rains it pours... Bad luck and bad day continues... I'll just pray to GOD that this will all end. and i hope that all the bad things that happens has something good in return. Sigh... =(
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