What will I do with more than half-a-million pesos (500,000,000 PHP +)?

Since the jackpot prize went to three hundred million pesos I start taking chances. Because what if I win? The Jackpot Prize is more than HALF-A-MILLION pesos and up to now no one won. I can't imagine myself winning that kind of money. Now I'm wondering what will I do if I won? So I decided to create a list on what will I do...

Here are my list (no particular order):
  1. Donate to the Charity.
  2. Start my own business.
  3. I will share some of it to my relatives and very close friends.
  4. Travel the world with my love-ones.
  5. Shopping.
  6. Invest
  7. Build our dream home.
  8. Buy my dream cars.
  9. Buy the latest gadgets.
  10. Get married! ♥♥♥
*crossing my fingers and hoping that I'll win the 6/55 Grand Lotto! XD

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