The Burger Adventure (Part 1)

This past few months I had this craving for burgers... maybe I watch too much TLC shows... But, yeah it was my dream to become one of the host of a travel and food show... I want to travel the world and eat the best food in each country/province/city. And maybe this is the reason why I also like to blog. This is my way of fulfilling that passion and hopefully someday that dream will come true.

This blog is basically my first blog after disappearing for a long time... I was too busy with my new job and I work on a graveyard shift. Usually my routine will be waking up at around 12 midnight because my shift starts at 3am until 11am. After shift usually me and my new colleague will eat and like what I've said I had this craving for burgers. And since I finally got a chance to post a blog I'll be sharing my past burger adventure this past few months while I am gone in the blog scene.

1. First on the list is the "Three Meat Burger" and  "BK Stack King " of Burger king. It's called 3 meat because it has bacon, ham and the burger itself. While the stack king has a quadruple patty, cheese and bacon. BK is one of my favorite burger joint because they have a good quality of burger patties.

2. Second on the list is from a local burger joint her in Pampanga... The Barney's Burger! Affordable but delicious burger. (Top: Barney's Fully Loaded Burger Bottom: Bacon BBQ burger w/ extra 1/3 pound patty.) 

3. The Wendy's "Baconator" and "Pretzel Burger". When they opened the first Wendy's store here in Angeles City I was so excited since the nearest Wendy's is located in San Fernado, Pampanga and I need to travel more than 1 hour drive just to eat at Wendy's. The melted mozzarella cheese in the Baonator is really the bomb! While the Pretzel bun is really complementing the taste of the beef... It was the best idea to have one here in SM City Clark.

4. FatBoy Burger Joint is also a local burger joint here in Angeles City. It's located at Friendship Hi-way or known as the Korean Town. Combination of sunny side-up egg, bacon, caramelized onions, beef patties, tomatoes and lettuce.

5. Jollibee's famous Champ reinvented! It's the Chessy Bacon Mushroom Champ! 1/3 pound pure beef patty with melted cheese, bacon and mushroom.

6. Dong Juan restaurant loacated at the second level of Marquee Mall has a pretty unique menu but what caught my attention is their "Dong Juan Double D Burger".

7. Didi's Pizza and my ultimate favorite "Pizza Burger"! Didi's is one of the oldest restaurants in Angeles City and what makes me go back there? of course what else?! This pizza burger! A combination of beef patty, melted mozarella, bellpepper, onions and pizza sauce.

8. Mister Frosty is also one of the oldest dinner here in Angeles City. It's known for serving local Kapampangan dish, Sizzling, Nestle ice cream, Milk Shakes and of course it's homemade burgers! This is the "Special Bacon Cheese Burger".

9. Panic Burger Joint is located at Fields Ave., Angeles City. It's a very small stall along the street of Fields Ave. but as the cliche say... DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! Because they serve one of the best beef burgers in town and it's called the "ULTIMATE PANIC BURGER"!

10. Last for now... is the "YOLO BURGER" of Burger Shack. It's also a local burger joint here in Angeles City but as of the moment it is expanding and a new branch is soon to open on June 28, 2014 and guess what!? It's 5 mins away from where I live!

For now this is the best burger in town and I'm still trying and discovering other restaurants here in Angeles City, Pampanga. I know there's more since this province is one of the best tourist destination in the Philippines. I am luck to be here. Will post more Restaurants soon so watch out for that! also you can visit the website of Clark is it! because they also feature the Pampanga's best restarants.

PS: also watch out for my Bolinao, Pangasinan Adventure SOON!


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