Like what I have promised on my previous post I'll be sharing my summer getaway this 2014. I've also mention on my previous post that I have a new job. Well from regular day job I am now a call center agent and I am a customer care specialist of Sprint. It is one of the mobile network provider in United States along with T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. And even though I am a new agent last April we already had our team building and we did that in Bolinao, Pangasinan. It's on the northern part of the Philippines. It's my first time to go there actually I've been in some places on thr northern part of Luzon but, I never been to Bolinao. But I hear good feedbacks from my friends who already went there. And since our team leader is from Bolinao he suggest the place because he promised us that there are cheap resorts and great beaches in Bolinao.

We stayed there for 2 days and 1 night. It was a 4 to 5 hours drive from Pampanga and if you're not familiar with the roads it may take a little bit longer. When we reached the resort it was already night time so we just ate our dinner it was the famous longaniza of Alaminos, Panngasinan, salted eggs, green mangoes and bagoong. After that since it was late already we can't swim on the beach so we just swim on the resort's pool.

In the morning of course we were so excited to go to the beach and catch the sunrise and luckily we were able to see the sunrise, we were able to take more photos and we also saw a group of fish and the fisherman caught them and because the water is just almost knee deep we were able to take a closer look and I was able to take photos of the small fishes.

The water is crystal clear, the sand is powdered white and there are a lot of cheap resorts on the area. After taking our breakfast we planned to go to the light house, shop for some souvenirs at the public beach and swim in the caves.

We had a few pictorial at the light house and then we went down to the public beach where the souvenir stores are. We also took photos from the public beach and I must say I was impressed because it feels like I am in Boracay.

After all the shopping and more picture taking we went straight to the enchanted cave. For 150PHP entrance fee you can swim to the enchanted cave. It was a "face your fear" experience for me because even though I know how to swim, swimming in a cave is one of my fears because you'll really never know what's in there especially it's really deep. it was 8-20 feet deep. But, I was able to swim and I enjoyed alot. Also it is very cool inside the cave and my long sleeves swim suit made me more comfortable because it protects me to the rock formations in the cave.

It was a well spent 2-day vacation for me. First because I thought that I won't have a chance to have summer getaway because I am new at work so I am not eligible for any vacation leave and secondly, with a limited budget I was able to go to this beautiful summer getaway... well believe it or not I only spent 2,000 PHP on this 2-day trip and that includes: Transportation, food, lodging, souvenir and some activities. I am now looking forward for more getaway like this.


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