The philippine star describe him as a HERO, an ICON for the youth and a person with BRAIN, BRAWN, BEAUTY and BREEDING. In the Showbiz Central (talk show) they said that he was "THE MAN OF THE HOUR" and he was THE TALK OF THE TOWN today. But, for me and my friend jen describes him as the "EPITOME OF PERFECTION". This man is no other than Christopher John Alandy-dy Tiu or much known as the man wearing the jersey # 17 of Ateneo blue eagles.

I first saw Chris Tiu on MEG magazine way way back on my highschool days. But, I start to admire him during the UAAP season '69 last 2006. I was watching their game against the UST growling tigers. I cannot miss to pay attention to Chris Tiu since he plays very well inside the court. He is known for his three-point shots and in giving good assists. He really caught my eyes so I immediately sms my friend jen to watch and look for Chris Tiu. And from then we became a FAN!
As a fan we become more curious about CHRIS TIU. So we reap information about him. We tried the most effortless way of getting information... what else??? we googled him!!! And fortunately we found numerous results. We clicked all the possible sites and read all the forrums and threads about him. We also read magazines and other kinds of reading materials. Because of jen's patient, We discover something new about him everyday. We were up-to-date.

From the numerous inforamations, we knew his family background, business, course, his love life, his best friend, his commercials (Trivia: the first ever commercial was the master eskinol) and anything under the sun about the Chris Tiu. But, we didn't stop there. It was only the beginning of our daffiness about Chris. We start watching his game. And even the UAAP season ended we still read threads online to be up-to-date.  Shockingly the people who are posting threads about him amaze us! Because they know every bit of information about CT. They know almost all of his schedules and activities. When season '70 of UAAP started Jen and I decides to watch his games live. Since it was expensive to watch every game (because we were still students then). We agreed that we will be watching his game at the big dome if their opponent is their pre-historic rival... La Salle green archers!

We went to Araneta and line-up for tickets. It doesn't really matter if we wait for hours. Because, when you experience to watch the game you'll might also say our new motto when watching UAAP BBall game (ateneo-la salle) which is: "IT'S WORTH THE WAIT".

Chris Tiu, a host, businessman, brawny, intellectual, a good role model, beauteous and a versatile man is now seen everywhere; newspapers, talk shows, news, and most especially the root of all information, the internet.

He was an instant celebrity! And now there are really a lot of people knew him. He very famous now. Before when I first knew CT, when I show his picture to others they will simply say: who's that? then I would even joke that oh! he's my boyfriend. And they'll believe me.haha! But, I think that if do it now... they might tell me... in your dreams! LOL!

I don't personaly know Chris Tiu. I do not know if all the good things that we see and hear from the tv, magazines and etc... are true. What I wrote is just an outcome of my admiration to him... I was impressed that Chris Tiu sets a good example not only to the youth who idolize him but also to all of us. He showed us to be altruistic, humble, God-fearing, assiduous, patient, giving importance to small things and to be a loving person.

Some may like or hate him but for me... I really admire Chris Tiu. And I would better describe him as "NIGH TO PERFECTION".

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