GT Bleaching Soap

Summer is over but my tan lines are still very much visible. I don't usually use whitening product since I'm not really a fan of fair skin and I like my morena skintone. But, I think my sunburn is too much this time so I decided to buy a whitening soap.

Honestly, I don't have any idea on what brand of whitening product will I buy... So I start checking all known products which I see on tv and magazines and I cannot decide on what to buy. Maybe I was looking for each product for about 15 mins and still I haven't decided what to buy. So a saleslady came over and made a suggestion to get the GT Bleaching Soap.

She told me that it's effective and has natural ingredients as what the packaging is claiming.

Well, let's see if this will work. It's actually expensive than the other papaya or kojic soap that is common in the market. It cost 80php for 120g. The soap is color white and I like the lemon scent. It's very refreshing. After 2 weeks I'll make another review if there is an improvement. So stay tuned!


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