Mother's Day!

       Today, may 10, 2009 is a day for our most BELOVED MOTHERS... Days
before --- we doesn't have any plans on how to spend the mother's day??? until yesterday (saturday, may 9, 2009)... my brother who is in fairview texted and ask me where are we going to celebrate the mother's day? since he's very busy on his review for the board exam... we decided to meet up in trinoma. we also agreed that he'll be sharing some money for our dinner. I know my mom doesn't feel well since my father is not here. Even we don't have lots of budget for the occasion we really look forward for it and hopefully make it special for her. my mother is easy to please. you don't need to give her extravagant gifts or anything... all she wants is to see us 
happy. a UNDERSTANDING-CARING-SIMPLE-LOVING MOTHER that is how I can described my mom.

         we arrived in trinoma at around 3pm. we waited for my brother and his girlfriend for 3hrs. so, to kill time we window shop... and unfortunately we went home empty handed... even there was a sale... at 6pm my brother and her girlfriend arrived. so we ate immediately because they look so tired and hungry from the review. we ate at world of chicken. it is our favorite!!! it was my brother's girlfriend first time to eat there. and she liked it because she also eat a lot. the choices are: two kinds of carbs, grilled chicken and a sauce for the chicken. the word "diet" at world of chicken does not exists. after eating dinner... we go for the desert... CRAZY CREPE! it is a regular crepe but shaped like an ice cream cone. me and mom ordered MANGO CARAMEL CREPE while my brother and his girlfriend ordered a MANGO CHOCOLATE CREPE. it was so delicious...hmmmm...=) after that we walk around again, we took some photos, and we stayed at the coffee bean since my mother has a smoking habbit.=( and then, after that we decided to go home. me and mom went home to pampanga. while my brother and girlfiend went home to their apartment. but, the story did not end there yet... the scary part of this day happened... we rode a bus going back home in pampanga at sm north edsa. we rode a five star bus. the bus stop in munoz for more passengers then it stops again at balintawak market... the scary part... we just heared the driver was talking to one passenger who got in at munoz area. then we heared the driver asking the man if he could search his things. we were so clueless since we are at the far back of the bus. then a policeman came and search the two men's belongings. then the two men were send out the bus. then the conductor of the bus announced that those men are holdapers! and good thing the driver and the conductor were not sluggish at that time they immediately saw the barker's warning that the 2 men who got in was in no good. thank God he still guided us and we arrived home safely.=) and we had a successful celebration. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!=)

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