THIS IS WAR... BLUE MEETS GREEN AGAIN! plus tribute to our late president corazon aquino

AUGUST 9, 2009, the war began. game 1 of the ateneo-la salle face-off happened today. but, before that... a tribute for our late President Corazon Aquino was held. almost all of the attendees was wearing yellow. the total attendees was 15,707. it was a sold-out game as usual. and as expected it was an intense and breath-taking game! ateneo won the overtime. I
was losing hope on the first half. but, as the saying goes... "bilog ang bola" the ateneo was able to catch-up on 4th quarter. i thought it will end there. but on the last seconds la salle was able to tie the score to 67-67 by making a big 3pts shot. and on the .8 i was very much scared because there is a possibility that ateneo will lose if la salle will make the basket. good thing they didn't.=)) there was an overtime. and ateneo was victorious on the overtime! i was also in front of my computer while watching the game. I was twitting... and it was really flooded... it was all about the game. every sec. +100 new post. and even more when ateneo finally won +1000 new post!!! i'll definitely be watching the game 2... but, i hope i'll watched it live.=)) i want to see again the history in the making again.LOL!

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