my insight on feu and barroca...

Disappointed with what I've heard and read about FEU and BARROCA. I've been a fan of UAAP. I really give my time just to watch the games. I absent myself at work just to go to araneta to watch. The feeling of excitement that i felt whenever i see the team that I'm rooting will win is priceless and really worth it! But that was before... now that I've learned that there are scams happening... I was really disappointed... The efforts
that i gave before is now useless. I'm really mad because there are people who uses their wealth to get what they want without thinking that there are others that will get hurt. I don't know how they were able to sleep at night... And i don't understand how can they be so happy with that... Because in the eyes of others they won but, they knew that they really didn't... Well they were fooling themselves and i pity them. I'm not mad at barroca... I pity him. What he did was wrong but, being in his shoe that time (if he really accepted that.) is hard. Try to look at it... I ever you are given a brand new car or someone offered you money to lose a game... Can you resists that? In the world where money reign... Maybe i can't too. In my description... Money is the only legal drug. When you experience it's power surely you'll be addicted and as long as you have it you're unstoppable! And that is the sad part of it. Just like my favorite quote "I am unique and one of a kind." we are all different. Even we like it or not there are irresponsible people. Who doesn't know to think of others. They are selfish! and i hate it. =( I still watch UAAP but, if before I'm giving all my 100%. Now i won't be... It's sad but at least it won't hurt so much. It's maybe corny for others but, to those who love the game will understand for sure. :-)

celine crudo

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