I really thank God for having you by Regina Spillers

I went to my old stuff and find this poem written by my bestfriend...

"I really thank God for having you"

We always see each other before,

I don't expect we'll be friends after all.

we were classmates a few years back,

I don't know we'll be on the same track.

maybe we are destined to each other,

to be best of friends forever.

and if ever we will fight,

i hope we could hold on tight.

I really thank God for having you,

because I know you are very true.

I am very lucky to have you as a friend,

because I know you'll be there till the end.

I never thought that I could rely on you,

whenever I am down and feeling blue.

I know our friendship will be strong,

and forever it'll be long.

I want you to know that you are special to me,

and this is how I wanted it to be.

I have one sweet-kind-loving friend,

that will always be with me whatever happens.

Redj gave this to me when we were in highschool. I cannot forget the day I received this poem... she is the most wonderful friend I ever had. She is always there and accepted me as i am. she's really good in writing and I really admire her for that. i hope i was good as her. also i hope i was able to return all the good things that she gave and showed me in the long years of our friendship. thanks redj...=)

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