1. Villa Cleopas in Cagbalete Island, Quezon Philippines.
I had a unique experience here in cagbalete. villa cleopas is a private island. but, the owners opened the island for other guests. but, only few will be accomodated for the protection and for maintaining the island's natural beauty. you can visit for more info.
2. Fort Ilocandia, Ilocos norte Philippines

This is only the poolside view in fort ilocandia. the resort is very huge with a lot of activities to choose from. like: ATV, mini golf, horse back ridding, pedalos, go kart, KTV, spa, mini zoo and more... the place is very cool and relaxing. I really felt that I was in a place where only peace exists. It was just like HEAVEN!=)

3. Pagudpod Beach, Ilocos Norte Philippines

Clear sky and Blue water is what I saw in this place. it is really amazing to see this kind of scenery. Naturally BEAUTIFUL!

4. The Windmills, Ilocos Norte Philippines

One of the power source of Ilocos is these windmills along the shores. I had a great experience in seeing these gigantic windmills up-close. as far as I know there are only two windmill power source in the philippines one is here in Ilocos Norte and the other one is in the southern part of the philippines. that is why I really cherrished this moment. AMAZING!

5. Vigan, Ilocos Norte philippines

When I was younger, I was dreaming to go to Vigan. Most of the time I look at the place on post cards only. I like to be in this place because it is historical. you can see the roads and buildings still looks the same for more than 100 years ago. history is preserve here. so when you go in Vigan you'll feel like you're back in the time where spaniards occupy the Philippines. HISTORIC!

6. BORACAY, Philippines
I'll describe this place as PARADISE! a perfect island... clear blue sea, supper fine white sand, amazing accommodations, kind locals, and great food is my perfect paradise. every summer this white beach in the Philippines is the getaway of everyone especially local and foreign celebrities and tourists. they come here every summer. it was such a blessing that I was able to have my vacation here. it is quite expensive but, it was all worth it.=)

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