there are different kinds of people in this world. with different attitude and way of thinking. that's why i really like this phrase: "I am unique and one of a kind.". I bump on them on my everyday journey. some are weird, sexy and hot, old, young, mysterious, jolly, friendly, snob, rich, poor, fat, thin, and etc... but, eventually you'll find a friend in them. there will always be someone who will stand out. someone you can share your
differences with. and someone that will accept all your flaws. on my journey in life i was able to meet some true friends and i promise myself I'll take care of the friendship we had/have. we had fights and misunderstandings. but, i know through the years of our friendship... we will overcome all the problems and challenges that we encounter everyday. and all of the challenges will make our friendship stronger. so whatever happens i will hold on to the friendship that i have today. and i hope they feel the same way too...

---haha! emote mode... it just that it really hurts me seeing friends fight. but, i know everything will be alright. sometimes we should know how to give in. and most importantly we should know how to trust, listen and respect to be able to understand each other.=))

celine crudo

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