Goodbye Oily Skin

I have a very bad skin. It is very oily, I have big pores and my face have a lot of pimple marks. I have tried many products and it keeps on disappointing me because the result is not as I am expecting. That's why I'm not vain when it comes to my face. But things change when I started to prioritize vanity to eating. I'm not getting any younger, as we get old it is really hard to maintain a younger looking skin. So I decided to start taking care of my skin.

Now that I am more vain than before, I started looking for vanity brands that suits my skin type. As I've said I have a very bad skin. So it's really hard for me to find the perfect brand for me.

Until a friend introduced to me the POND'S White Beauty pore conditioning toner I've tried it and it works! I am now using it for more than a year now. It helps my face to become fairer and minimize my pores.

Since Pond's works for my skin I thought of using Pond's White Beauty Detox day cream to lessen the blemishes that I have. I am only using this for a couple of months now and so far so good. I usually wear this during the day because it has a UV protection. And I am also using this after cleaning my face at night for a better result.

Pond's toner and cream were been a good product for my face but, when it came to make-ups I have found the best partner of my oily skin!

I have searched and try different make-up brands and Maybelline stand-out! That is why when I knew about this new Maybelline product called Baby Skin Pore Eraser, I freaked out! I wanted this kind of product for too long! It's a primer, it is very lightweight and it doesn't really erase but it surely minimize the pores and gives you the natural look finish.

With the price, It's cheaper compare to other pore minimizing make-ups. Here in the Philippines it's only PHP 299! You can find this to any Watson Stores or SM department stores in make-up section.

What it claims:
  • Lightweight and breathable formula.
  • Baby smooth and matte finish.
  • Moisturizes all day.
My comment: Well, It is worth it! it really minimize the pores and it controls the oiliness of my skin. I didn't have breakouts also, so the breathable formula is kinda true in my case.

Being vain is not bad at all. We really need it to our everyday life. I mean who doesn't want to look presentable? I believe everyone will agree with me when I say that all of us wants to look good and we will do everything to look good. Because it helps us to be more confident with our-self, and being confident means it makes us easier to succeed in whatever we do because we look beautiful and this is why beauty products are not "wants" but it is a "need" to all of us nowadays. But we must also remember that "beauty is only skin deep" cliche but I strongly believe that good attitude is still more important.

Celine Crudo

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