Someone told me to Pursue my dream of becoming a "Professional Photographer" and he's right! I should start making my dreams come true. I was encourage to become a pro in photography because my dad encourage me to pursue it and I am getting good feedbacks on my shots. I'll be posting some of my favorite shots here. All pictures are not Photoshop-ed and since I don't have a PRO camera the image quality is low. But my purpose of posting these pictures is if by chance someone will accidentally come across my blog he/she can comment if I really have the potential of becoming a PRO. your comments is highly appreciated. Thank you.
Photograph By: CELINE CRUDO

at Fontana Leisure Park, Clark, Philippines

my dad's Love birds

at Villa Antonina, City of San Fernando, Pamp., PH

(Ronnie and Apple)
team building at Friendship Plaza, Angeles City, Pamp., PH

Bataan, Philippines

at Boracay, Philippines (my sister tina)

my sister tina at Boracay, PH

my favorite jumping shot

Favorite Shot at Leo's Farm

angelyn and my brother at leo's farm

I like to call this "LOVER'S QUARREL"

WINDMILLS at Ilocos Norte, PH

kaila and daphnie "The BFF"

Biking with friends at clark air base, PH

"Good Morning" Shot at Cagbalete, PH

"The Drought" at Cagbalete, PH

"Street of Vigan"
a historical place here in the Philippines

at Ilocos Norte, PH

*I noticed that I like taking photos of landscapes... hmmmm... interesting! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

this is good! nice one! :)

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