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This is ANDY, ever since I started blogging she's one of my favorite "Fashion Blogger". Her latest post was about "RAIN CITY" and since it is rainy season here in the Philippines, her blog inspires me to write about some fashion tips and styles this rainy season.

My style during rainy days is usually a sweater/hoodies, leggings and my favorite converse. Which is somewhat look like this.

Clothing & Shoes

I wear sweater/hoodies and leggings because it's usually cold during rainy days and these heavy clothes keeps me warm. When I go outdoors I love wearing my converse because it keeps my feet dry and comfy. I don't usually wear open-toes shoes or sandals because I really hate it when my feet gets wet. 

Hair, Face & Skin

If you have no problem with your hair then lucky you because you can just go out of your house with a good hair day everyday. But, when you have a wavy and frizzy hair just like me... the best thing to do is to tie your hair up with a ponytail because the wind and humidity will just ruin everything. With makeup I just usually make it light. Just a little bit of  powder, blush, lipstick and lip balm. But, if you plan to wear a full makeup I suggest that you use waterproof makeup. It's also essential to put some face moisturizer and body lotion because the cold weather will surely make your skin dry.

Must Have
These are some of the things that you should have in your bag during rainy season:

Plastic bag/Waterproof pouch
Extra Flip-flops
Extra Shirt

As much as possible we should stay inside our house during rainy days but, if you really need to go out I suggest that you should be going out prepared. And I hope this blog will somewhat help you and will give you some ideas on what to do and have during this season.

Keep it safe everyone! Let's all enjoy the BED WEATHER!

Celine Crudo

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