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I find my old blog title generic and plain. And so I did a little of brainstorming on what will be my new blog title. And from all of the ideas that came out of my mind, I choose the title "Celine's Day-off" because day-off is a very important day for me. When I was a student I used to complain about having only 2 days off to school. Then I realized that I was very lucky then because now that I am working I don't enjoy holidays and I only have 1 day-off per week.

I know a lot of people sleep longer hours during their rest day and I don't practice that because as much as possible during my rest day I want to spend the day with many activities. Day-off doesn't mean rest day for me. It is my 1 day getaway in a week to my stressful work-life and I don't intend to sleep the whole day and didn't make that 1 day a significant day.

Let's live life to the fullest and don't waste your time sleeping! You'll have a lot of sleep when you're not breathing anymore. So while you're still breathing enjoy life with your family and friends.

Celine Crudo

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