A little throwback for my BFF Redj

I remember posting this on my BFF Redj's graduation day. And these are my exact words...

"To my best friend, sister from another mother and my partner in crime, congratulations! I am very happy to see that finally you are another step closer to reach your dreams. I will surely miss you because we will be oceans apart soon. But, I'll make sure to keep in touch as much as possible and if fate will allow me... I'll follow you. Because part of me will be missing when you leave. I'll miss the one who invites me to their house because their dinner is my favorite food, the one who calls or text me during random hours and will say "wala lang", the one who I had the same high school crush, the one who will fight for her rights, the one whom I share my secrets, the one who I can comfortably cry and laugh with, the one who I share the same favorite food, the one who is there for me through thick and thin, the one who taught me all the vices I know, the one who invites me to their family gathering because she thinks that I am really part of their family, the one who wrotes poem for me, the one who surprised me on my 26th birthday, the one who I share the same zodiac sign and most especially the one whom I spend more than a decade of friendship... Von voyage sis! And hopefully see you soon! Mwah!:*"

Now that we are miles apart... I miss her so much especially that it is her birthday today. I wish that she is celebrating her birthday with me. But, I know she's there to fulfill her dreams and since it's her birthday I wish her to be successful in fulfilling her dreams and she'll be safe always.

Happy Birthday Redj! Hope to see you soon!

Celine Crudo

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