This is I think my first time to talk about my favorite pair of shoes The Converse. I am lucky because I can wear it everyday to work because we don't have uniforms and we are only required to wear casual wear everyday. It is the most comfortable, affordable and durable yet stylish shoes in the world. I strongly agree to this statement "They should be worn until they're nothing but strings and dust...". No matter how worn-out my converse is, it's still dependable and comfortable to wear. I remember the last time I bought my classic black Chuck Taylor low-cut kicks a few months ago, I was not used to it looking all clean and white. I like my converse dirty white because for me it looks more stylish that way. I can wear it with almost anything and it also fits in either hot or cold weather. It's worth every penny. Actually, it's cheaper compare to other shoes.

I remembered one of the reason why I liked Kristen Stewart it is because she likes to wear Converse too.

I am confident to say that everyone will agree with me when I say that Converse is the best pair of shoes in the planet. It is the best partner of every feet. "Good shoes will take us to good places" and I am glad that I am wearing the best.

Celine Crudo

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