SHARKS are feared by everyone. Known to be the most dangerous creature under the sea. They attack human beings and other animals. they are also known to be the most intelligent animal. Sharks rule the seas and oceans.

I personally fear sharks. whenever I'm on the beach I always think that there are sharks out there which makes me scared to go to the water. I love summer, I love the beach and I love doing all kinds of water sports. But, fear always come into my way.

I always read and watch a lot of sharks stories and  maybe this made me fear them more. on the reader's digest, I cannot forget one story of a young aspiring surfer. She was surfing on one of the great surfing area in Hawaii when she was attacked by a tiger shark. she lost her left arm at that incident. but, it was a inspiring story... the girl didn't lost his passion in surfing and on her recovery she went back to the water and surf again. That was an amazing story that gave me courage to try to go far to the shore.

"Scary, feared, dangerous, notorious and a predator that kills and killed humans!..." are the description of the SHARKS. but, we also forget that sharks are creatures made by GOD. a gift of nature that we need to respect. these creatures balance the law of nature. they may be harmful to humans. but, if you'll think of it humans are harmful too.

The killing of sharks is increasing today. now the sharks fear humans... I saw videos and photos from the internet and there are a lot of awful killing of sharks. people who are greedy for money were the one who fearlessly catch and kill these creatures. It is very depressing because these creatures are killed notoriously by these humans. sharks don't deserve to be killed notoriously by humans just to become ingriedients to our food. I eat meat and I don't deny that fact. But, I don't eat endangered species. I am a food lover. But, I don't apreciate eating something that was killed by torture.

Let us be aware and take care of GOD's gift especially to the extinct animals, things, nature... in short our mother earth. this is the only planet we are living in. let us help and let our future generation enjoy what we enjoyed today. this planet contains a lot of wonderful things and let us preserve them. I may sound as a part of world life organization. but, I am not! I am just an ordinary person who's hoping to make a difference by writing a more sensible blog. because, I don't like to take out the opportunity of my future children and grandchildren to see the beauty of nature. it's more scary that they'll only be seeing animals on picture or on robot form.

We are scared of being hurt and worst killed. but, unconsiously we are the one who's killing ourselves. we try to protect ourselves. we fight to survive the chaotic life. but, we don't realize that we were the one who makes our lives difficult and chaotic.


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Anonymous said...

you have a nice perspective about life. keep it up!

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