I call myself a Blogger!

This past few years I been passionate in travelling, taking pictures of myself, places and anything under the sun. So I created my own multiply site where I can put all of my photos. I don't put descriptions or caption to it. I just let the pictures speaks for themselves. Because I am not good in telling detailed stories.

Finally, today I had the courage to give blogging a try and I finally made my decision to create this blog. I was hesitant at first to have my own blog site since, I'm not good in writing about my feelings. That is the reason why I usually prefer a site where I will just post pictures than stories, ideas and etc... Sometimes I think maybe I am just afraid to share my point-of-view and opinions. Because I am afraid of criticism. But today, with greater courage... I finally made-up my mind and start to become a blogger.

I cannot assure you that I could give you a perfect blog entries. My life is not that interesting at all. I am very random person. I will try my best to create an interesting posts. And from now on... I'll be making this "blogspot" my outlet of my emotions/feelings, opinions, ideas and etc... And I am hoping that readers will be entertained and will give me a good feedback.

Today (10/2/08) I call myself a blogger!

PS. There is a funny accident that happened when I was trying to start this blog. The chair where I was sitting broke! And I fell on the ground and broke my right thumb! I was really hurt but it didn't stop me from continuing this blog and no one can stop me today!

celine crudo

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