SALE! SALE! SALE! it's everybody's favorite!

Today is the first day of the 3-day sale at SM clark. After work I decided to drop by to look for a new pants or shirt. I love to go to a sale especially at sm. I will never go home empty handed on a sale day! I always find something nice to show-off to my friends! I am a practical type of person. I usually spend my money to the things that I know I can use it for years. The lower the price the better but I am also looking at the quality of the product. Its okay to buy something expensive as long as i could use it for a long time. I don't care if there are many people on a sale day as long as I can find something nice. The last time I went to
a sale I was able to buy a pants and 2 shirts. Now since i came late i only had 1 shirt. But, it was still worth it. A 250php shirt! But, I have the most unforgettable sale day... it was on SM clark also... I was able to buy 2 shirts for only 99php each! It's very rare for me since I am a plus size. today those shirts are my favorites. and my friends really like it too. They were even amazed because it was very cheap! Also on that day, I was waiting on the line to pay the shirt... when my friend redj called... and surprisingly she was also there! We meet and look around for more interesting stuff. We also ate at sbarro. And there was a funny incident happened... We ordered bake zitti and one slice of pepperroni pizza. We were almost done with our zitti and the pizza did not yet arrive... We didn't even follow-up our order. Then the manager approached us... and  told us that the pizza was burned! they forgot it on the oven... so in return they gave us free pizza... what a good day it was! A FREE PIZZA! WEEEEEEEEEE!

Note: Sometimes what I hate about sale day is that when you really like something... then you'll find out that there is no other stock for your size... WTF!

some highlights of what we did:
-look for cheap but nice stuffs
-window shopping
-eat at sbarro (free pizza)
-take-out walnut brownies, fudge brownies and cinnamon swirls at starbucks

celine crudo

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