Another history was made. after 6 years of waiting... ateneo blue eagles wrap-up game-2 and won the championships. the ateneo defeated la salle by a sweep! the whole season '71 ateneo and la salle face each other inside the court 4 times. and ateneo didn't give la salle a chance. it was a 4-0 sweep! another history that will be remembered. not only by ateneans and la sallites but also buy everyone.
it was a heart-breaking for la salle since they were the defending champions. and even more they lost the tittle to their age-old rival... THE ATENEO BLUE EAGLES!
before the game, an awarding was held. chris tiu got the PSbank maasahan player of the game. rabeh al-hussaini got the mvp tittle and the most improve player of the season. severino "nonoy" bacalao got the most defensive player of the season. and of course ryan buenafe was the rookie of the year.
On the first quarter, la salle got the jumpball and take the lead.

it was a tough 1st quarter for both teams. they did not score a lot. the defense of both teams was tight. also it was a bad start for the mvp rabeh since he was already on a foul trouble and no choice for coach norman... but to bench him. on the last 3mins the score ties at 8pts. and from there ateneo takes the lead closing the first quarter to 16-10 (ADMU-DLSU).
The SECOND QUARTER, la salle was left behind. thanks to jobe nkemekolam and chris tiu. jobe made a great post and score 8pts on this quarter. while chris tiu made his first 3pt-shot on the last 8mins. even if the la salle captain jv casio's 3pt-shot was on fire! it didn't really help the archers to catch up on the eagles. since, only jv casio is the only person scoring for la salle. this I think was the reason why la salle was defeated by ateneo. the eagles scores a lot during this quarter. But, they also committed a numerous of turnovers. which proves that la salle defense was good and effective. all in all ateneo did a great job at this quarter. since they had proven that even without the mvp rabeh (who is on a foul trouble earlier) they were able to end the 2nd quarter with the highest lead of the game which is 15pts. score 41-26.
After the first half... jv casio starts and returned on the 3rd quarter so fired-up! you could see his determination to win. he shoots a lot of 3pt-shots. and this is not a good quarter for the eagles. they only made 9pts throughout the 3rd quarter. But, their defense made them maintain the lead. also (luckily...) rico maierhofer was thrown-out to the game for his 2nd technical foul. it was tough for him and a lost for la salle. i think it will be hard for him to overcome this incident. rico was one of the key player of franz pumaren. what could get worst for la salle... well in this quarter... jv casio accumulated his 4th personal foul which made coach franz send him to the bench. but, as a defending chams, la salle didn't gave-up... even without jv and rico inside the manage to get the score closer. and end 3rd quarter at 50-45. in favor of ateneo.
THE FORTH QUARTER, the moment of truth... la salle catch up and lower the lead to 3pts. almost half the time. only few baskets are made of both teams. while la salle got the momentum in catching up... on the 2:42 jv casio was fouled-out! awww... and without "jv" the captain of la salle inside the court their momentum is lost... ateneo was already celebrating! bec. they knew it! on the last 2mins. the lead was up again by 10pts! the emotion was intense! I felt the adrenaline rush! the whole crowd was yelling... "GO ATNEO!". much more on the sound of the final buzzer! i cannot expalin the feeling. tears came out. and i start yelling will the crowd... whaaaaaaa!!!! GO ATENEO! (chris tiu tosses the ball as high as he could on the final buzzer and his tears was pouring.)
the credits on the final quarter was on JAI REYES and NONOY BACALAO. Thank you nonoy!.. he boxed-out and save the ball through game. nonoy bacalao finished what chris tiu started on the first-half... and made ateneo the CHAMPIONS! the score at the end of the forth quarter... was 62-51.
now the querries are answered... ateneo celebrated today! and definitely they did not allow game-3. that was a fantastic game!
A sweet exit for the blue eagle's captain CHRIS TIU. this was his 5th and last year at UAAP. and also this was his FIRST and LAST championship. this was a good year for him i think. he deserves it. and ateneo deserves it as well!... tiu finished up at 16pts, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal.
While NONOY BACALAO, is tittled as the MVP of the finals. which he truly deserves.
The game-2 was the most intense game. there are a lot of pressures to the players. physically and emotionally. after the buzzer there were two kind of tears that shed... for the archers a tears of defeat. and for the blue eagles the tears of a long waited victory! you could see the big men... who were tough inside the court... cannot hold their tears. that was the good thing about this game. we learn while we enjoy. we realize important things and we let our true self out... there are no pretentions.
To the ATENEO BLUE EAGLES... congratulations! you derve this championship! you won it fair and square! GO ATENEO! it was a ONE BIG FIGHT!
now... I'll surely be waiting for the next season of UAAP... as ateneo defend the championship tittle. and for la salle... we all know that they will get back on their feet and train hard to become the no. 1 contender for the championship and get back the glory.
i can't wait to watch these two historical rivals face each other again. and write again about the new story that these teams will be making on the next season of UAAP.
PS: will chris tiu enter the pro-basketball? or his career in basketball end today? and just focus on other stuff??? hmmm... i'll miss him play for ateneo.huhuhuhu

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proud to be an ATENEAN!

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