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I have a frizzy and wavy hair... And taming it is always been my problem...

Before using Vitress
Before I always go to the salon and have my hair treated (hair rebonding). But, my hair became flat and dull. Plus I need to go to the salon to have my hair treated every now and then. For a couple of years I've been doing that until I was fed up with it and stopped the treatment. I realized that my hair is not that bad and all I need to do is to find a good product to help my hair to tame down. Then came along Vitress Hair Cuticle! At first I find it a bit expensive compare to other brands, so after trying it for a couple of months I decided to try other cheaper brands and then I have prove that Vitress is a lot better than the other brands because other brands just made my hair oily and heavy. So I decided to go back to Vitress, it may be expensive compare to other brands but it's definitely worth it.
I use Vitress instant relax to easily manage my frizzy and wavy hair. They also have heat protect and hair repair. For other hair types.

After using Vitress

Celine Crudo

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