Cheap lippy

When it comes with make-up I am the kind of person who doesn't want to splurge a lot of money on it. First, because I don't need to wear full make-up everyday. And secondly, I am a more budget conscious person. If I don't need it then I won't buy it.

It just happened that I was influenced by my friends to wear a lipstick a couple of months ago, and I found out that make-up is not that cheap! I mean 500php+++ for a lippy? I told myself: "no way! I gotta find a way...there must be a cheaper product out there." Then I look for other cheaper brands but they ain't that good enough and I don't like their shades. To make the long story short, I then found out about Sophie Martin J'adore Lipstick brand and whoa! It was the cheapest! I didn't expect it to be as cheap as 79 PHP only and I love their shades... It's not too bright for everyday use. It has more natural color choices and my favorite shades are Velvet Nude and Caramel Sugar. But, if you're looking for a bright red or pink shades they also have it.

Try it for your self and I know you'll love it like I do. A little tip... it's matte so I suggest that you use lip balm or lip gloss on it. I am using a Body Shop Lip balm and it goes well with it.

My selfie shot wearing the caramel sugar shade 

Celine Crudo

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