Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Ilocos norte, Philippines is located on the northern part of Luzon. It has 22 cities and its capital is Laoag City.
I stayed in Ilocos Norte for 3 days and I was able to go to its four most popular town/cities which is Laoag, Bangui, Paoay and Pagudpud.

Laoag City, has a 5 star deluxe resort which is the Fort Ilocandia Resort. It is a 77 hectares of land. It has casino, beach, swimming pool, restaurants, lounge, spa and mini zoo. Also there are a lot of activities to choose from different water sport, ATV, horse back-riding, mini golf, KTV and etc... The place is very relaxing and breathtaking. It has a beautiful landscape, an amazing sunset view, a clean beach and delicious food.
(The Landscape/Garden)




(The Pool Area)

(The Beach)

Next stop, Bangui, Ilocos Norte is where the popular 15 giant windmills is located. The structure is 70 meters tall and its base is four square meters. You'll never miss to see this giant windmills if you're going to Pagudpud. For years it gives electricity to Ilocos and the locals are very proud of it.

Paoay, Ilocos Norte it is where the historical Paoay church is located. The church is constructed in 1704 by the Augustinian friars led by Fr. Antonio Estavillo. It is also known as the "earthquake Baroque" church in the Philippines. The stucture is made up of large corals stone for the lower part of the church. And Bricks were used for the upper parts. The walls are 1.67 meters thick and supported by 24 carved and massive buttresses. Its said to be a unique combination Gothic, Baroque and Oriental designs. There is a bell tower near the church which is build in 1793. It is said to be the observation point of the "katipuneros" during the Philippine Revolution in 1896 against the spaniards and also during Japanese occupation.

And finally Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, it is the northernmost part of Ilocos Norte. Considered as the largest island in the Philippines. 2 hours north of Laoag City the capital of Ilocos Norte. It has a powder-white sand and a clear blue sea. there are many resorts along the shore too. from luxury to low-cost. This is also one of the most famous summer destination in the Philippines.

Besides the 4 cities that I went to, Ilocos Norte is full of different kinds of historic and beautiful places to see. 3 days is not enough. But, I can say that my 3 days vacation to the northernmost part of Luzon is one of amazing trip I ever had. Let's go! Discover the Philippines and see how beautiful my country is.


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